Grocery Pallet Display for Canned Food

Check out the pallet displays we recently designed and manufactured for Furmano's tomatoes:

Cardboard Pallet Display

Retail Pallet Display

Corrugated Pallet Display

Grocery Display

See more examples of pallet displays we have produced, or contact Creative Displays Now to learn how we help our clients sell more at retail with stunning visual merchandising displays.

Success Story: Post-It Notes End Cap Display

2013 Design of the Times "Best of Show" in the Specialty Stores Category

3M wanted to secure secondary placement for its Post-it Notes® brand collection in a high traffic end cap display at Staples.

Dramatically presenting “painting” as a metaphor for using brightly colored notes, this well-placed end cap merchandised the notes in a way that extended their hues into stripes that ran from top to bottom, framing the packaged notes within the bands of color.

End Cap Retail Display

Unique lug ons and dimensional components brought to life bursts of paint coming out of cans and being playfully painted with rollers, something shoppers would not expect to see in an office supplies store.

The end cap display positioned the notes within their associated color stripes, drawing shoppers’ attention to the eye-catching display and prompting them to select the color that fit their personal tastes. Selection was then as fun and as easy as pulling paint samples from a hardware-store shelf.

The color-coded merchandising not only make it simple for shoppers to make their selections, but it also made it easy for stores to keep product stocked and organized at the shelf. The end cap received on-the-spot buy-in with the account and once in stores served as an extension for a larger sales effort. The program has generated a nine percent lift in sales of colored notes over the standard canary yellow variety.

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Creative Displays Now Takes Home 10 Awards at Shopper Marketing Expo 2013

Awards include one Platinum and three Gold awards

Creative Displays Now, the online brand of Great Northern Corporation, won 10 awards at the "Design of the Times" competition, part of the 2013 Shopper Marketing Expo in Chicago. Included in these awards was a Platinum and three Golds.

3M Retail Store Display

Here are our award winners, by category:

  • PLATINUM: 3M Take Note of Color Endcap (pictured aboved)
  • GOLD: 3M Take Note of Color Endcap - Specialty Stores category
  • GOLD: Mattel Hot Wheels Racetrack Dump Bin - Mass Merchandisers category
  • GOLD: Gander Mountain Fishing Line Wall for Pure Fishing Corp - Sporting Goods category
  • SILVER: 3M Unroll Something Amazing Half Pallet - Specialty Stores category
  • SILVER: Goal Zero Mobile Floor Stand - Sporting Goods category
  • SILVER: Dick’s Sporting Goods Trilene Endcap, for Pure Fishing Corp - Sporting Goods category
  • BRONZE: Logitech Best Buy Accessories Shipper - Consumer Electronics category
  • BRONZE: Barbie Mega Bloks Headers, for Mega Brands - Mass Merchandisers category
  • BRONZE: Time Warner 3 Pocket Powerwing - Mass Merchandisers category

 Best Buy Display for Logitech  Goal Zero Retail Display

Logitech Best Buy
Accessories Shipper

Goal Zero
Mobile Floor Stand
 Pallet Display  End Cap Display

3M Unroll Something
Amazing Half Pallet

Dick’s Sporting Goods
Trilene Endcap

 Gander Mountain Wall Display  Power Wing Display
Gander Mountain
Fishing Line Wall
Time Warner
3 Pocket Powerwing
 Mattel-Hot-Wheels Barbie Store Display 
Mattel Hot Wheels
Racetrack Dump Bin
Barbie Mega Bloks Headers

Contact a display expert to learn more about these award-winning displays, or to discuss your next point of purchase display or retail packaging project.


Table Top Displays

Table top displays are a low-cost option for POP displays that provides a memorable way to catch the attention of passers-by. These easy to set up and easy to take down displays are perfect for quickly catching the attention of potential retail or trade show customers. Check out two of our custom merchandising displays - a cardboard table top display and a club store pallet retail display, both ideal examples of successful and proven cardboard pop displays.

Cardboard Table Top Display

The custom table top display is perfect for holding DVDs, Brochures, Pamphlets and other promotional materials. The ability to customize these displays allows you or your company to use your brand themes on the display. When potential customers see your display with your branding, it sticks!

For over 50 years, Creative Displays Now has produced point-of-purchase displays, counter displays, cardboard displays, and several other displays for major retailers.

Custom Table Top Display

Table Top Corrugated Displays

Want your display to stick out? These Table Top Corrugated Displays utilize litho printing to enhance the copy on the box to enhance the messaging at the point of sale.

Corrugated Table Top Display

Creative Displays Now, a division of Great Northern Corporation, recently won six awards at GlobalShop 2013, including the Gold Award. Check out more of our award winning displays.


4 Tips on Ensuring your POP Displays can Hold Any Products

Attracting the attention of your customers with point of purchase or retail displays is a great way to convert the casual browser to a buying customer or convince regular customers to add a few items to the cart. In fact, Paco Underhill, author of the book Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping claims that 2/3 of all purchases are impulse purchases, making your point of sale display a valuable resource. The display, of course, should be eye-catching and appealing enough to attract attention, but it must also be sturdy enough to handle the rush of customers eager to explore what you have to offer. Sometimes this means spending a little extra time securing the display to prevent toppling or sagging half way through your promotion.

  • Use sturdy shelving or display units. Inspect your display unit for any signs of wear before setting up a new display. For shelving, that means checking that all shelves are secure and tight and that no hardware is missing. For cardboard units, that means examining them for weak areas where sections meet or along the front and side of the display where eager hands may cause wear and tear. Unseen parts of the display can be reinforced with duct tape or staples, but unless you want your customers to think your business is going under, there is no room for shoddy repairs in visible areas. If your current display unit looks like its seen better days, purchasing a new one is your best option.
  • Secure permanent items. While the actual featured items must be easy to access, decorative or promotional items in the display should be secured to prevent customers from helping themselves or removing the items. These items can be wired discretely from behind or from the bottom to anchor them to the display, or if the items will not be used for other promotions in the future, they can be secured with hot glue.
  • Secure the display unit. Freestanding display units should be anchored in a permanent position to prevent shifting and possible injury to customers. Locking the wheels or blocking the bottom of the display with wood or other objects works when the display is to be viewed from multiple angles. Displays viewed from one angle can be anchored to the wall or adjoining shelving with wire or a metal bracket. Small counter top display units can be attached to the counter with double-sided tape on the bottom to keep them in place.
  • Securing Signs. You naturally take advantage of the written word with catchy slogans and bold lettering announcing sales or other benefits to customers. Sometimes the signs themselves are part of the display unit, but other times, you will want to add splashy catch phrases or tidbits of info that need to be attached to the display. While signs on poster board or other lightweight material can be attached with two-sided tape, heavier signs such as foam board need something sturdier. Use poster putty or a similar item for securing heavy signs to the display.

While your display unit is an important item, always remember that your merchandise should be the main attraction for your customers. Display units simply allow you to get those items at eye level where your customers can appreciate them. While the unit increases the attractiveness of the display, it should remain a background fixture. Keeping it in good shape and securing it properly insures that your customers will be looking at your products instead of worrying about whether the display will topple.

Bio: Nannette Richford is a writer for Duraco. Richford has extensive writing experience and has been published in influential online industry publications, including the San Francisco Chronicle(SF Gate), Garden Guides and Yahoo! Shine. Connect with Nannette on Google+ and Twitter.