Corrugated Cardboard Toy, Magazine, Book, CD or DVD Counter Display

Design 0808-183

  • Holds 12 standard DVD cases or 18 CD's with step insert
  • Optional step insert pictured below
  • Default color is white, but can be custom printed

This display has a clean, angled edge on the left and right side. The efficient use of material makes for an economical yet attractive counter display that can be used for many different types of products.

The header simply clips to the back of the display for easy setup at the retailer.

There is an optional step insert for this display. The insert was created specifically for 12 DVD's or 18 CD's. All of the gray area on this display is printable.

Customizing the size of this display is very easy to accomplish. Simply contact us for more information on how we can work to create a custom counter display solution for you.

Note on Pricing: Because we manufacture displays to order, our typical minimum order is greater than $2500.

Inner Dimensions (in)Outer DImensions (in)
Header (HD)88
Length (L)11 1/212 1/8
Width (W)8 3/49 1/4
Depth (D)11 3/1611 5/16
Front Depth (FD)2 1/42 5/16
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