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Tips for Optimizing Your Holiday In-Store Displays

There’s no doubt about it: new holiday in-store displays are key for retailers during the late fall and winter. If you fail to implement new displays in your store during the holidays, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to enhance the retail experience for your customers, which ultimately translates to missing out on more sales and profit. So how do you implement a display campaign for the holidays that will keep your customers shopping longer, and leave them with a more positive and lasting impression? It’s all about creating a feeling and inspiring positive memories.


Don’t Underestimate the Power of the Display
While it’s true that people do more research online before they shop in the stores these days, the Internet has hardly replaced the power of the in-store display. In fact, more than 75% of buying decisions are still made in the store, according to a 2012 study by Point-of-Purchase Advertising International. The study intensely looked at seven million customer transactions at big retail chains. The association found that things like end caps, bins and freestanding displays can have a huge impact on what customers buy. Don’t let this opportunity pass you up. Taking advantage of the holiday season, when shoppers are even more inclined to make impulsive purchases, can mean big dollars for you.

Create the Feelings That Drive Sales
Retailers of all sizes can increase their sales by inspiring positive reactions in their customers during the holidays. When your in-store display scheme is designed correctly, customers should walk into your retail store during the holidays and react with feelings of comfort, excitement and warmth – you may even evoke fond memories of family and childhood. So think of your target audience. What is likely to trigger these happy feelings and memories for them? How can you implement that in a design scheme throughout your store’s displays? If you can answer these questions, then you should be able to drive sales.

Imagine Yourself as the Customer
At the end of the day, you should always be able to imagine yourself as a customer before implementing a new display campaign for the holidays or any other time of the year. Think about the holiday displays you remember seeing in stores as a child. Chances are you can remember at least a few, and they stand out because they created a sense of wonder and mimicked the ideal sense of the holiday seasons that everyone longs for. Was it the color that spoke to you? The product? The signage? There was something very specific that moved you. So how can you recreate that for this year’s audience?

When you imagine yourself as the customer, you will be better prepared to implement new holiday in-store displays that inspire those feelings of comfort and warmth that will ultimately drive sales. So in the spirit of giving, why not give your customer what they want? A cheerful shopping experience that results in comfort for them and dollars for you.

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The Latest Trends in Retail Design

Every year brings new trends in retail design, from window displays to pop-ups to interactive merchandising spectacles. This year we seem to be seeing a return to simplicity in the world of retail displays, although minimalism and basic concepts don’t always translate to an easier time for retailers and in-store designers. If you’re searching for trends to follow that will attract more customers to your products and keep them coming back for more, the following trends are worth paying attention to. Just don’t get too comfortable, as things could easily change in an instant.

Bursts of Color
Accenting product displays with bold bursts of color seems to be very popular at the moment and the more adventurous the better. This can be even more effective when the backdrop of the product display features a single, basic color that clashes with the highlight color, so the burst will stand out even more and draw attention to the product. Small bursts of colors such as fuchsia, lime green, radiant orchid and other bold hues will draw attention to the display without overpowering the product itself.


Natural and Eco-Friendly
People are more interested than ever before in products that are considered natural and/or eco-friendly. Any way you can emphasize organic ingredients, or even simply natural ingredients that haven’t been altered by manmade chemicals and processes, may help influence customers to purchase your products. Using things like corrugated cardboard, wood, glass and other natural materials in your merchandising will also help impose a natural, organic quality to the retail experience.

New Lighting Ideas
It may seem that every lighting trick has been done, or that adding new light features may be too inefficient and expensive in this modern age, but this simply isn’t the case. The key is to get creative in order to maximize the lighting fixtures you already have and purchase new fixtures very wisely. Your goal should be to create a warm atmosphere, guide customers to specific products and parts of the store and make the products as appealing as possible in the given light.

Make It Personal
Consumers want to feel like they’re having a personal experience when shopping in a store, so it’s important to customize each display with a target audience in mind. Some retailers have gone as far as adding targeted screen displays that show ads based on the customers in line, but you don’t have to be so high-tech to make it personal. Just think about the demographics that are likely to purchase specific products in specific areas of the store, and create displays accordingly.

Simpler Can Be Better
One of the biggest trends in retail design for 2014 is getting back to basics and cutting away the fluff. When people walk into a busy store they don’t want to be bombarded with a bunch of complex messages, cluttered graphics and headache-inducing combinations of lights and colors. Using clean lines, simple combinations of bold colors, easily digestible graphic designs and sticking to the essential information that customers need to know will go a long way.


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Retail Bin Displays


Creative Displays Now is a leader in designing, creating, and distributing retail displays. Cardboard retail floor displays purposely convert customers through beautiful graphics and structural activity.

Check out the corrugated retail bin display, an ideal example of a successful and proven retail floor display.


The cardboard retail bin display is specific to longer and uniquely-shaped products. This successful display is an example of the experience and creativity Creative Displays Now can contribute to increasing point of purchase sales.

For over 50 years, Creative Displays Now has produced point-of-purchase displays, counter displays, cardboard displays, and several other displays for major retailers.


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