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What Are the Most Effective Holiday Retail Displays?

It’s that time of year again and retailers are striving to implement the most effective holiday retail displays to boost sales and create a welcoming seasonal spirit. Point-of-sale displays are the most common choice for retailers during the holidays, but there are also many options for displaying seasonal merchandise throughout the store. The following list includes some of the most successful types of in-store displays that retailers have used during the holidays:

Festive Life-Size Versions of the Products on Display
Using a life-size cardboard version of the product on display is an increasingly popular option in retail settings during the holidays. Take, for example, a premium vodka manufacturer that recently offered its product in a blue velvet gift bag for the holidays. The company promoted their product in stores with a display shaped like a giant bottle of the seasonal edition, in the blue bag, with mistletoe tied around the top. Customers passing this display would see the life-size version, with the mistletoe that conjures up images of parties and fun, long before they see the actual bottles for sale.

Displays That Call Attention to Seasonality of Products
It’s common to see new products hit the shelves for a limited time during the holidays, as well as “seasonal” versions of popular products that people use year-round. In either case, it’s very effective to alert customers’ attention to the seasonality of the product. One of the best ways to let people know about limited-time product offerings is to use a display shaped like the seasonal product itself, but this is far from the only option. Anything that creates a sense of urgency through shape, design, text, or graphics is bound to boost sales.

Point-of-Purchase Displays Incorporating Text and Graphics
Many retailers have figured out the right combination of font and images to create a festive spirit while motivating customers to make last-minute purchases. Combinations of text and graphics can be used to catch holiday shoppers’ attention, to suggest how a product might be used around the holidays, to let them know about holiday promotions, or any number of other purposes. The text is an important component for creating a call-to-action, while the graphics are a significant part of reinforcing brand identity while creating a sense of the holiday spirit.

Retail Displays That Showcase Multiple Holiday Products
One of the best ways for retailers to maximize the usage of in-store displays around the holidays is to mix and match. Showcasing a variety of products in one display allows retailers to reach more customers in more niche markets without taking up a great deal more space or wasting unnecessary resources. Retailers might combine displays of products that could be used together, or place various items together that would make good gift ideas, or create a “stocking stuffers” display with a wide range of options, for example.

Just remember, the most effective holiday retail displays are those that create a festive mood with a sense of urgency about the products being promoted. The rest is up to you.

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Trends in Point of Purchase Displays for 2014 Holidays

Point of purchase displays are one of the main staples of modern retailing, taking their prominent place at check-stands and sales counters across the globe. With holiday sales around the corner, encouraging customers to grab last-minute add-on purchases can really have a positive influence on your overall sales during the busy shopping times.


If you want to have the biggest impact on your bottom line as possible, consider these current trends in the point of purchase (POP) display industry, and see where you can take your products next.

It’s a Matter of Science
Believe it or not, the current trends in POP displays, and consumer behavior in general, aren’t just speculations; there is academic and extensive consumer research to back up much of what we know about point of purchase buying. One study, conducted by a team of researchers at UC Berkeley, found that shoppers are an astounding six times more likely to purchase something if they see it highlighted by a point of purchase display. Creativity counts too – savvy consumers are used to seeing the standard packs of gum and travel-sized toiletries. Try and make your POP displays stand out. Use color and signage that really gets customers looking.

Print is Still King of POP
Speaking of signage, when it comes to POP displays, print is still king. Although there have been many advances in digital display advertising, including LED screens and other electronic signage, these technologies are more expensive and often have proven to be no more effective than printed displays. That doesn’t mean a cardboard point of purchase display has to be traditional and boring, though. With innovations in design and graphics capabilities, the creative possibilities are virtually endless. Take advantage of the talented companies out there who design these items, as a little professional creativity often will pay for itself many times over in the added revenue you can generate.

Ultra-Specific Customer Targeting
Thanks to advances in information technology and consumer science, retailers and manufacturers have more information than ever to help them customize the shopping experience for their target customers. Some companies are even hiring consultants to advise them on the point of purchase habits of their target market. The benefits of their findings? Ultra-specific customer targeting means designing displays and creating retail experiences that take every detail of your target customer’s lifestyle into account – you’re speaking directly to their needs.

When in Doubt, Don’t Be Normal
A shopper may be faced with numerous displays of products from the time they enter a store to the time they reach the checkout stand. This has left retailers vying for shoppers’ attention. Creativity in structure and form is an undeniable trend for point of purchase displays, with everything from cut-out shapes to 3D printing. It’s clear that creativity goes a long way. Standing out from the norm can often be the difference in making the sale or not.

One thing is certain in 2014: the numbers about point of purchase marketing don’t lie. The question is, what are you going to do with this optimal space?


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Tips for Optimizing Your Holiday In-Store Displays

There’s no doubt about it: new holiday in-store displays are key for retailers during the late fall and winter. If you fail to implement new displays in your store during the holidays, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to enhance the retail experience for your customers, which ultimately translates to missing out on more sales and profit. So how do you implement a display campaign for the holidays that will keep your customers shopping longer, and leave them with a more positive and lasting impression? It’s all about creating a feeling and inspiring positive memories.


Don’t Underestimate the Power of the Display
While it’s true that people do more research online before they shop in the stores these days, the Internet has hardly replaced the power of the in-store display. In fact, more than 75% of buying decisions are still made in the store, according to a 2012 study by Point-of-Purchase Advertising International. The study intensely looked at seven million customer transactions at big retail chains. The association found that things like end caps, bins and freestanding displays can have a huge impact on what customers buy. Don’t let this opportunity pass you up. Taking advantage of the holiday season, when shoppers are even more inclined to make impulsive purchases, can mean big dollars for you.

Create the Feelings That Drive Sales
Retailers of all sizes can increase their sales by inspiring positive reactions in their customers during the holidays. When your in-store display scheme is designed correctly, customers should walk into your retail store during the holidays and react with feelings of comfort, excitement and warmth – you may even evoke fond memories of family and childhood. So think of your target audience. What is likely to trigger these happy feelings and memories for them? How can you implement that in a design scheme throughout your store’s displays? If you can answer these questions, then you should be able to drive sales.

Imagine Yourself as the Customer
At the end of the day, you should always be able to imagine yourself as a customer before implementing a new display campaign for the holidays or any other time of the year. Think about the holiday displays you remember seeing in stores as a child. Chances are you can remember at least a few, and they stand out because they created a sense of wonder and mimicked the ideal sense of the holiday seasons that everyone longs for. Was it the color that spoke to you? The product? The signage? There was something very specific that moved you. So how can you recreate that for this year’s audience?

When you imagine yourself as the customer, you will be better prepared to implement new holiday in-store displays that inspire those feelings of comfort and warmth that will ultimately drive sales. So in the spirit of giving, why not give your customer what they want? A cheerful shopping experience that results in comfort for them and dollars for you.

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Try Considering New Point of Purchase Displays for the Holidays

Point of purchase displays are known to be highly effective for securing last-minute sales of products that customers weren’t even necessarily looking for. From tempting treats and seasonal items that shoppers may have forgotten to reminders about in-store promotions, there are many possibilities to boost revenues at the point of purchase before customers leave the store. And with the holidays around the corner, retailers can expect to make a big impact by installing displays that reach their customers at this critical point in their shopping experience. If you haven’t already considered the possibilities, it’s about time you take advantage of everything your store’s point of purchase area can offer. Here are a few suggestions to help unlock this wealth of potential just in time for the holidays.

Try to See Through Your Customers’ Eyes
Before you begin ordering new displays and filling your point of purchase area with new products and promotions, it’s important to think carefully about what your customers want and need. Try to imagine being a customer, finishing your shopping trip and being at or near the checkout stand. What would you be most likely to add to your shopping basket at this moment? What kind of promotion is most likely to catch your eye? It could be something a customer doesn’t even realize they need until they see it, or it could be something they don’t need at all but simply can’t resist. Most importantly, it should be something that can boost revenues.

Include an Easily Recognizable Call to Action
When customers see a display as they are nearing the end of their shopping trip, they should be inspired to take immediate action. Whether you want customers to make a purchase or remind them of a special sale going on now or in the near future, the display should make them feel as if immediate action is necessary. You don’t want to use high-pressure tactics or be too obvious about your intentions to increase revenues, but you do want customers to act fast.


Be Consistent in Branding and Promotions
The types of displays you place near the point of purchase area should be consistent with the overall flow, design and color schemes of your store, and they should incorporate text and images that reflect the same atmosphere you have created throughout the retail space. Furthermore, if you’re using similar displays at more than one location, they should all be consistent with one another.

Update Signs, Add Giftwrap and More
While you’re taking all the time to update your point of purchase displays for the holidays, it’s also a good idea to change your signage to match and add some extra-special holiday touches such as giftwrap services. With all these new additions and updates in place at the same time, you will accomplish much more than if you just changed the signs or just added new displays. When customers come and go from your store during this critical retail season, they should feel like they’re having a completely different experience than they would any other time of year.

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Five Simple Steps to Successful Retail Counter Display

With a few good counter display ideas, you won’t need to pay for expensive commercials, massive billboards or product placements to attract more customers to your products or stores. Counters can show much more. They can show what your brand identity is all about. Just follow these five simple steps, and your counter displays will get the message across and get people interested, without a whole lot of effort.

    • Focus on a Single Theme
      Many counter displays focus on the next upcoming holiday such as Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother’s and Father’s Days, Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas and New Year’s, or major events such as the Super Bowl or World Cup. Even a theme as simple as spring cleaning or family vacation can be enough to attract positive attention. Once you have a theme in mind, then it’s a matter of telling a simple “story” to go along with it.
    • Go for the Big Surprise
      While you don’t want to shock people into a state of disgust, surprising shoppers can have a very big and lasting impact. Show people things they probably weren’t expecting to see, and focus on the whimsical to get their attention. The element of surprise can even inspire people to tell others about your attention-grabbing counter displays, which is the ultimate achievement in marketing. Word of mouth allows the consumers to do the advertising for you.
    • Don’t Distract With Too Much Clutter
      Simplicity is the key to being successful, which can also be said of in-store displays or most other retail advertising and marketing mediums. The fewer distractions the better—as long as they have value in quality and worth paying attention to. Creating an organized display with a shock factor without the clutter could even be the winning formula for the story you’re trying to tell.
    • Bold Colors and Shapes Are Best
      Bright colors chosen for their specific combination of emotional effects, combined with large shapes that are hard to miss, will get people to look at your counter display. And, of course, you must also make sure the display is brightly lit so a passerby can see just how bold it is. If the display is designed effectively, shoppers will be more compelled to keep looking and ultimately purchase something they wouldn’t have otherwise.
  • Always Keep Displays Up-to-Date
    Last but not least, make sure to update your Counter displays frequently. If people see the same display every time they walk past your storefront, they may not be compelled to look anymore, even when you do finally change it. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you’re trying to come up with new counter display ideas, though. Some stores have been successful with a series of large photographs portraying different themes and lifestyle images that can be rotated in different Counters and other displays every two to four weeks or so. This will help continue attracting attention well into the future.


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