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Creative Displays Now Wins Big at GlobalShop

Creative Displays Now, a division of Great Northern Corporation, took home a total of six awards—including the “Creative Best of Show” award in the temporary display category and one gold award—from GlobalShop 2012, the world’s largest annual retail design and marketing event.

Point of Purchase Advertising International (POPAI) announced the winners of its 54th annual Outstanding Marketing at Retail Achievement (OMA) Awards Competition during GlobalShop 2012, which was held Feb. 29 – March 2, 2012, in Las Vegas. Nearly 500 entrants from more than 100 companies participated in this year’s competition. Entries were judged on design, innovation, interactivity and the proven ability to lift sales.

Great Northern / Creative Displays Now won one of only three “Creative Best of Show” awards presented across three divisions based upon length of time in the store—temporary, semi-permanent and permanent. The “Creative Best of Show” award celebrates the creativity of merchandising design and execution separately from sales results, and engages the creative community through acknowledging excellence based solely on ideation, imagination, and forward thinking. In addition, Great Northern won one gold award, two silver awards and two bronze awards, for the following displays:

Mountain-Dew-Ceiling-Signage Mountain Dew Ceiling Wave
Convenience Store Retailer (Temporary)
“Creative Best of Show” and Silver Awards
With limited space available for point-of-sale materials inside convenience store environments, the ceiling offered an area for branding that was typically underutilized. The spiraling shape of the point-of-sale device created a fun, high-impact display that was a first of its kind in the beverage industry. Major graphic elements like the logo, slogan and product imagery were on the outside of the spiral, while a skateboarder and water imagery filled the inside to create a nine-foot composition that reinforced the brand from 360 degrees. Easy to execute, the unit hung from the ceiling by seven strings and helped to increase impulse sales of Mountain Dew products.
Mountain-Dew-Cooler Mountain Dew Cooler Door Oversize Bottle
Convenience Store Retailer (Temporary)
Gold Award
As part of Mountain Dew’s “Paint the Store Green” campaign, designed to flood convenience store channels with multiple forms of point-of-purchase, this retail signage utilized untapped real estate for branding. The oversized bottle graphic created a wow factor to draw attention to the brand at the cooler door. Unlike most cooler door signage, which loses impact against the backdrop of colorful products that sit behind the glass, this large graphic replication of a bottle quickly identifies the brand and creates a visual beacon to locate Mountain Dew products. The component structure of the design enabled it to be positioned onto various sized cooler doors.
3M-Stiletto-Half-Pallet-Display 3M Staples Holiday Half Pallet
Books, Newspapers, Magazines, Stationery and Office Supplies (Temporary)
Silver Award
This display featured a die-cut dimensional image of the new Stiletto dispenser being merchandised, along with touch-and-feel samples of the dispenser on the top shelf. Designed to increase incremental sales during the holidays, the unit’s pyramid shape implied the essence of a holiday tree, but was generic enough for pre-holiday placement with removable base graphics that aided the transition from one season to the next. The point-of-sale promotion resulted in significant share gains in the channel and double-digit percent growth each week, starting in the fall and continuing through the holiday season.
3M-Holiday-Pallet-Display 3M Office Depot Holiday Full Pallet
Books, Newspapers, Magazines, Stationery and Office Supplies (Temporary)
Bronze Award
Designed to drive incremental holiday sales of Scotch® Tapes, this display had to contain both office tapes and packaging tapes. The goal was to get placement of the new desk dispensers into the market and increase the attachment rate between boxed tape and dispensers, as well as other premium packaging tapes. Dual back-to-back mirrored quarter pallet displays combined with corner dump bins enabled all the offerings to be contained in one pallet that could be easily adjusted based on store volumes, as well as made it easy for consumers to shop. Sales of Scotch premium packaging tapes outpaced the store brand and last year’s sales.
Verizon-4-Sided-Display Verizon Wireless/Best Buy 4-way Display
Specialty Retailer (Semi-Permanent)
Bronze Award
As a four-sided merchandising unit, this display kept the product, branding and key messaging of the value of pay-as-you-go cell phone plans visible to shoppers from all directions at retail. Designed to fit the specific retailer’s store environment, the display had a footprint of less than four-feet wide and included a melamine base to provide extra stability when placed on carpeting. The display design also offered flexibility for customization for different retail outlets, yet was durable enough to withstand the rigors of consumer shopping and restocking for up to six months. This merchandiser has been measured as the most successful display program to date for Verizon Wireless.
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