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An Inside Look at the Basics and Benefits of Custom Corrugated Displays


Corrugated board is a popular material used to construct boxes and display structures. As a multi-layered structure, it’s comprised of an outside liner, a fluted medium layer and an inside liner. Thanks to this design, it’s a fantastic option for crafting sturdy yet lightweight boxes that leave plenty of room for customization. Let’s dive into the many benefits of using custom corrugated material as your in-store display solution.

What Sets Corrugated Cardboard Product Displays Apart?

When it comes to retail display structures, businesses have plenty of options to choose from. Wood, metal, wire, plastic — the list goes on. So what makes corrugated display board such a popular choice?

1. Environmentally Friendly Design

single_face_corrugatedSustainability ranks increasingly high on the average consumer’s priority list. Choosing a corrugated display is a visible way to demonstrate your commitment to going green. Corrugated cardboard displays are made of 100% recyclable products and up to 95% post-consumer waste. This composition will enable you to upgrade your retail sales and display efforts while minimizing landfill waste and impressing customers. It’s a win on all fronts.

2. Diverse Customization Options

single_wall_corrugatedThink of a custom corrugated display box as a blank canvas for your business. Beyond presenting a specific product, corrugated displays offer a high potential to enhance your brand awareness. You can customize your box to suit your product packaging, including mixing up the sizes and shapes for maximum storage space. Custom options will allow you to bend, cut and configure each display to match your vision.

Most significantly, you can customize your corrugated display to reflect what sets your brand apart. Add some creative flair or a signature color scheme. Highlight a promotion or tailor your aesthetics to a specific event. Place your brand’s logo front and center where it’s hard to miss — the options are virtually limitless.

3. Easy Assembly

double_wall_corrugatedCardboard displays typically come assembly-ready and can be put together with ease on-location. This feature speeds up the process on both the manufacturer’s and retailer’s end, ensuring a quick turnaround for your project.

Don’t mistake easy assembly for flimsy design, however. While corrugated display board is lightweight and flexible, it’s also very sturdy. Expert engineers construct corrugated material to maintain its shape and support a heavy load.

4. Affordability

triple_wall_corrugatedAs a business, it’s always important to consider the bottom line. Corrugated structures are among the most cost-effective retail displays out there. This inexpensive marketing tool can lead to high payoffs and increased impulse sales without a hefty investment. Compared to many other display materials and styles, corrugated board leads to significant results without leaving a major dent in the budget.

5. A Temporary Nature

Corrugated_flutesNot all businesses are ready to commit to a long-term display investment. You might be testing a new product or launching a seasonal promotional campaign. If you want to advertise your product in-store while keeping your creative efforts fresh, corrugated displays are your best bet.

Create Your Custom Corrugated Displays Today

Ready to make the most of these standout business benefits? If so, contact Creative Displays Now to learn more about crafting corrugated displays and request an estimate for your own today!

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Retail Specific Displays For Lowe’s


For the last 50 years, major retailers have been benefiting from unique and innovative displays designed and created by Creative Displays Now. Here are three effective displays used for Lowe’s.

Large Retail Pallet Display

cardboard_pallet_display_10-0002 (1)

Viewable and shoppable from three sides, the 40 X 96 Large Retail Display has full color offset litho marketing on most of the visible area. The store display completely assembled, packaged with the product, and distributed to over 200 individual Lowe’s stores in under a month.

Case Stacker Retail Display


The Case Stacker Display is a powerful example of the abilities of Creative Displays’ Point-of-Purchase Display solutions for larger products. The larger space on the sides and on the header allow for maximum branding and product information display.

Half Pallet Floor Display


Designed and built specifically to promote a core product in addition to its accessories, the Half Pallet Floor Display is an amazing choice for home improvement stores like Ace Hardware, Home Depot and Lowe’s. Sometimes referred to as a case stacker display, these type of displays are having great success in Lowe’s stores.

Creative Displays Now, a division of Great Northern Corporation, recently won six awards at GlobalShop 2013, including the Gold Award. Check out more of our award winning displays.


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Retail Specific Displays For Club Stores


For over 50 years, Creative Displays Now has produced point-of-purchase displays, counter displays, cardboard displays, and several other displays for major retailers. Here are two effective displays used in warehouse club stores.

Custom Cardboard Floor Display


The Custom Cardboard Floor Display and the packaging was designed and created for Rosetta Stone to be sold in club stores across the country. By taking advantage of unique printing capabilities, Creative Displays ensured that the Rosetta Stone captured consumers’ attention.

Club Store Pallet Retail Display


Logitech worked with Creative Displays to create and launch this simple, yet aggressive display to be placed in membership stores. Every detail from the retail blister packaging to the straight forward approach of the Club Store Pallet Display was designed to entice consumers to make a quick evaluation and purchase.

Creative Displays Now, a division of Great Northern Corporation, recently won six awards at GlobalShop 2013, including the Gold Award. Check out more of our award winning displays.

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