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Display Basics – Lesson 3: Considerations for Your Shipping Boxes

By , Designer for Creative Displays Now

Note: This is the third in a series of articles (“Lessons”) covering the basics of corrugated displays and boxes.

Almost everything we buy gets shipped somehow, somewhere in a box. There are hundreds of thousands of different products out there, just like there are different boxes for each one of those items.

Here is a list of a few things for you to think about before shipping your product, which will help us customize your box to ensure safe delivery of your products.

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Custom Boxes Now! Launches New Website

Custom Boxes Now!, a partner of Creative Displays Now!, provides high-quality, custom boxes. Using the online custom box configuration tool available on the new website, users can customize the specifications and measurements for the box they need and receive a quote instantly.


With its 50+ year history, Custom Boxes Now! has been able to deliver to its customers high-quality corrugated boxes. With box consultants, design staff, a 200,000 square foot manufacturing plant, and an on-time delivery percentage exceeding 99%, Custom Boxes Now! ensures the highest quality in custom boxes and customer service.

Creative Displays Now, a division of Great Northern Corporation, recently won six awards at GlobalShop 2013, including the Gold Award. Check out more of our award winning displays.

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Display Basics – Lesson 2: How to Measure a Box

By , Designer for Creative Displays Now

Note: This is the second in a series of articles (“Lessons”) covering the basics of corrugated displays and boxes.

In the corrugated world we use Length, Width and Depth to measure cartons and displays. The length would also be known as the left to right dimension and is longer than the width side of the box. The width would be the front to back and the depth is top to bottom. This not only goes for boxes but also any product dimensions you may give us. We use L x W x D no matter what style of box you would be looking for.


A box has an inside dimension (ID) and an outside dimension (OD). Accurate inside dimensions are important to ensure proper fit of your product. Just the same, outside dimensions are important for shipping and palletizing purposes.

When referring to blank sheet sizes or a pad, the first number is always the way of the corrugation direction no matter which dimension is larger. So, let’s say you are looking for a pad that is 28” x 40”? The 28” will be considered the width of the sheet and the 40” will be the length of the sheet. Also referred to W x L. An easy way to remember this is W standing for “Way of Corrugation”.


To learn more, visit Creative Displays Now.

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