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What Does Your Display Say About You? Choosing the Right Display for the Job

Creating the right display can be critical to the success of your products in the retail environment and to your branding efforts in the public arena. Your display choices can say a lot about your company and can make a lasting impression on consumers; as a result, it is essential to design and position these marketing tools to best advantage. Understanding the various types of displays and the ways in which they are used can help you achieve a greater degree of visibility and success in marketing your products to consumers.

Retail Display

Types of Retail Displays
Depending on the product, you can select from a number of different retail display options:
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Creative Displays Now Snags Top Honors at POPAI OMA Awards

The design team at Creative Displays Now (CDN) took home top honors from the Outstanding Merchandising Achievement (OMA) awards show at the prestigious 2015 GlobalShop conference and trade show. Sponsored by industry organization Point of Purchase Advertising International (POPAI), the event took place in the spring of this year, and recognized companies that have achieved exceptional results in the retail display marketplace. CDN is proud to have been honored for the following innovative and imaginative displays:

Nintendo Quarter Pallet Display

Gold Awards:
• Nintendo BBY Photo Op Shipper (above)
• Littmann Stethoscope Floor Stand
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Innovation in Corrugated Displays – They’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

Since a lot of products are packaged in thin, flexible containers with or without plastic support inside, protecting these items on the way to market is essential to reduce breakage and ensure optimal presentation and visual appeal for the consumer. Beyond the shipping factor, products need to be protected once they’re featured in retail environments. Display units should shield these products from accidental damage. Modern innovation in corrugated displays has provided added protection for fragile or breakable items while ensuring the most positive response from consumers in retail stores. Corrugated cardboard products can be manufactured from recycled materials, making them a green-friendly addition to any packaging process or display marketing campaign. Here are three major benefits of corrugated displays for snack manufacturers and distributors in the modern retail environment.

Corrugated Display
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Del Sol Named Client of the Month by Creative Displays Now

Our July 2015 client of the month is Del Sol, the leading purveyor of clothing and accessories that change color when exposed to sunlight. These fun and innovative products required top-quality display designs to ensure the greatest appeal for consumers. These items were originally typically sold in kiosks on cruise ships and tourist areas. As Del Sol prepared to make the move to launch product sales in retail and grocery outlets across the U.S., they consulted with our team at Creative Displays Now to create a range of retail display stands specifically designed for use in these venues:

  • Point-of-sale displays to ensure a share of the impulse buy market
  • Free-standing floor displays for clothing and accessories
  • Countertop displays for sunglasses, nail polish and other small accessory items

Cardboard Counter Display - Del Sol
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Exploring Creativity at Comic-Con 2015

This year’s Comic-Con convention featured some of the biggest names in movies, television and print entertainment to include a full array of superheroes that made a splash with fans. The highly creative floor displays being used to promote movies and comic books in this elite venue, however, may truly be the unsung heroes of Comic-Con 2015. While tech giants like Best Buy have typically dominated the floor and booth displays in previous years, some stand-outs have made an impact that far outlived their stay on the convention floor.

Crowd-Pleasers at Comic-Con 2015
Some of the most popular displays and exhibits this year were based on amazing games, reboots of classic comedy movies and shout-outs to current and former mega-hits in the entertainment field:

The upcoming reboot of Ghostbusters spawned a good deal of interest in the all-new proton pack designs on display at Comic-Con.

Ghost Busters Display
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