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Inspire Shoppers Using Corrugated Cardboard Displays

Corrugated cardboard is one of the most practical and versatile materials available for your displays. In the supermarket environment, your display can showcase your products to capture both types of consumers:

  • List shoppers who are looking for products in your specific category
  • Impulse buyers who can be swayed by an appealing presentation

By designing your corrugated display to appeal to each of these groups, you can snag a larger percentage of grocery shoppers while building your brand name and your reputation in this important venue. Here are four key tips for making the most of your supermarket displays and presentation units.

Cardboard Grocery Display Bin

Color Counts
Nothing attracts attention more effectively than a splash of bright color. Incorporating this concept into your endcap and freestanding displays can help you capture your fair share of the impulse buyer market. This strategy can also boost visibility for your products among buyers looking for the best options in a particular category. Selecting colors that match or complement your corporate logo and graphic designs can provide support for your branding efforts in the supermarket environment.
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Don’t Get Weighed Down – Five Design Keys for Hardware Tool Displays

Ensuring that you have the right tools for the job is critical to your success in almost any field of endeavor. Creating displays for hardware tools can be challenging. Showcasing these products effectively while supporting the weight of these items requires careful planning and material selection. At Creative Displays Now, we specialize in creating the most appealing and durable displays for a wide range of venues, including box stores, hardware retailers, department stores and specialty shops. Here are some of the most important factors to consider when designing hardware tool displays for the retail marketplace.

Cardboard Tool Display - Hardware Display

DESIGN TIP #1: Sturdy Construction
Because tools and hardware can be both bulky and heavy, the materials used to construct displays must be rugged and able to stand up under the weight of these products. Corrugated cardboard displays can be constructed and designed to provide solid support for heavy boxes. Additionally, plastic or metal framing parts can be integrated into displays to provide attachment points for hooks to show off hanging items to best advantage in stores and other retail environments.
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Top Five Point of Purchase Displays for the Holidays

The holiday season represents a major source of income for many retail outlets and manufacturing firms. At Creative Displays Now, we specialize in providing the best support for holiday marketing with exquisite and effective end-cap units and point of purchase displays designed to provide maximum visibility for your products and increased brand recognition for your company. We have a proven reputation for innovation and excellence in the display industry. Here are five of our best and most acclaimed holiday displays.

POP Display #1: Cars 2 Toys for Disney and Pixar Pictures – Targeting Younger Demographics
Our eye-catching display combines clear blue skies in the background with a standout cardboard display board that shows the main characters of this popular series and the Cars 2 logo. This standup display unit also includes right-sized cardboard slots that can hold a number of toy cars of different types. The bright colors and innovative designs of the Cars 2 Toys displays are intended to appeal to the target demographic of these products, which typically includes children under the age of 12. By creating a character-driven display, Disney and Pixar were able to achieve higher saturation in the retail environment.

Custom POP Display
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Simplux Flameless Candles: The Creative Displays Now Client of the Month

At Creative Displays Now, we specialize in providing businesses with the most attractive and durable displays for a variety of retail environments. We welcome design and fabrication challenges and take pride in creating innovative solutions for our clients. We recently created display units for Simplux by Melrose, one of the leaders in flameless candles. When our team saw the product to be displayed, we instantly knew that elegance and luxury would be our watchwords during the development process.

Cardboard POP Display for Simplux Candles

Simplux Flameless Candles
Simplux candles offer the elegant look of real candles without the risks of an open flame. The innovative design of these decorative items even includes a flickering, realistic candlelight flame that is difficult to distinguish from the real thing. Available in designs ranging from classic wax drip to exquisite mosaics, these candles can complement almost any indoor décor. The cool light produced by the Simplux line of candles can be used anywhere to create a relaxing and romantic atmosphere. The secret to these elegant candles is the company’s TRUE-FLAME Technology, which uses LED lights to reproduce the beauty and warmth of real flames without the heat, smoke or fire of traditional candles and lamps. Continue reading “Simplux Flameless Candles: The Creative Displays Now Client of the Month”

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