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Increasing Impulse Buys In-Store

We’ve all been there. You promise yourself you’re going to “stick to the list” on this shopping trip, but you end up coming home with an entire cart of “great deals.” These aptly names “impulse buys,” bought on a whim and typically unplanned and largely unneeded, are a huge part of any store’s revenue. So how do you create custom floor displays that cater to the lucrative impulse buying behavior? Keep reading, and we’ll take you through the shopping psychology and product placement strategies that encourage your shoppers to toss a few extra items into their carts.

Custom Floor Displays

Looking to unload extra stock and increase revenue? Customers are drawn to seeing your products unwrapped and in action. Create custom counter displays that show off what your products can do, and never underestimate the power of a free sample. Give demonstrations, let customers try out products and be sure to highlight the multiple functions of what you’re selling. The in-person tests and demonstrations, along with the instant gratification that comes from them, are something your customers can’t get in online shopping—so make the most of your brick-and-mortar opportunities.
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Getting Real: Bridging Online and Offline Shopping Experiences

With multiple social media platforms, online stores, brick-and-mortar locations, pop-up shops and radio and television commercials, both established and potential clients interact with your brand in more ways than ever before. Whether you’re working on your digital presence or your in-person brand and mission, continuity is key. In this article, our team at Creative Displays Now answers the common question: Why is omni-channel retailing important? We’ll help you to bridge the gap between online and offline customer experience.

Retail Displays for Omni Channel
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What is an Omni-Channel?
An Omni-channel brand experience makes sure that your brand, and the general shopping journey for your customer, is consistent and intuitive across all platforms—so customers can easily find what they’re looking for. It matters because there are now more ways than ever to shop, and customers will always use whatever form is most convenient for them. If they don’t live near a brick and mortar location, they’ll shop online at their computers. If they’re not near a computer and want to shop, they’ll take their business to your mobile site. And if they can’t find what they need in one channel, they’ll try another. Be prepared to close the sale no matter what.
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Get Creative With Corrugated Cardboard Displays

Looking for a new way to display your products? Cardboard displays are not only an environmentally- and budget-friendly option, they’re also an ideal blank canvas for any custom design and branding ideas you might have in mind! We’ve pulled together this list of inspiring, and out of the box, cardboard display ideas to help get your creative juices flowing. If you’re especially drawn to a particular idea, feel free to contact us to discuss how to build one for your own product or store.

Build a Tree—Or An Entire Forest!
You’ve seen metal earring “trees” before—but what if you could hang the jewelry your store sells on an actual cardboard tree as a display idea? Why not choose several different colors and sizes and create a cardboard “earring tree forest” on a display table? Customers will love the whimsical idea, and your jewelry won’t get lost on a dull backing shade—instead, it will stand out on a green base.

Corrugated Display Tree

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