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Following Target’s Lead in Innovative Retail Displays

At Creative Displays Now, we’re always looking for inspiration when it comes to building and implementing innovative retail displays. We’ve been keeping our eyes on and loving the transition retailer giant Target has been making in the way they research, develop, and implement their displays.

In May of 2016, Target began testing their newest display strategies in their Los Angeles store. We were thrilled to see that Target has begun showcasing products in groupings, which gives the giant chain the feel of a specialty boutique experience. Now, we’re bringing Target’s best retail display strategies to our readers.

Retail Display Trends - Target

Keep the Light Flattering
How can you recreate the feel of a highly-curated specialty store that offers personalized attention when you’re operating in a larger store? By creating displays that make your customers feel relaxed and comfortable. A huge part of that is how you configure your retail store lighting. Harsh, florescent lighting isn’t just unflattering – it actually can also make your customers want to leave your store faster.

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Do POP and POS Displays Work?

We know you’ll do everything possible to strengthen your business and find better ways to show off some of your favorite products.

Still, with point of purchase display companies on the rise and vying to work with you, you’ve probably asked yourself, “Do point-of-purchase and point-of-sale displays actually increase sales?

It’s a fair question, and one we want to address in this post by giving you the facts that speak to the strengths of these displays. Even the most discerning of shoppers can’t help but be influenced by strong product displays – whether they know it or not.

POS Display - Point of Sale Display

Making The Point
You’ve probably seen Point of Sale displays in gas stations, popular coffee shops, and even in bookstores. Basically, they are smaller retail displays of usually more affordable, “everyday” (or at least well-known) items located in or around the checkout area. The difference between Point of Sale and Point of Purchase is just the perspective – the customer makes a “purchase,” while the store makes a “sale.”

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How to Engage Customers and Sell More with Interactive Retail Displays

At Creative Displays Now, we spend a lot of time brainstorming ideas about what makes for an outstanding retail display, and how specifically cardboard retail displays can help stores sell more of a product.

But, we decided it isn’t fair of us to keep these industry secrets all to ourselves. Now, we’re bringing the conversation to our readers and customers. We frequently discuss interactive retail displays – something we know many of you likely have questions about as well. Here, we’ll talk about what an interactive display is, why and how they can work for you, and even show you one of our examples.

Interactive Retail Display

So, what makes something interactive?
We’re so glad you asked! In basic terms, interactive store displays allow customers to touch, try, and learn more about the features of your products by using them. You can decide if you’d like to let the “tester” product work to the full extent, as it will when purchased, or if you’d only like for some of the features to be made available in the interactive display. If you don’t want your customers to “interact” with the product itself, they can still learn more information about it through the use of digital screens and tablets, where they can click buttons to explore features or receive answers to frequently asked questions. The idea is to make the display tactile in some way, so that shoppers will stop what they’re doing and think, “Hey, I wanna try that thing!”

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3 Inspiring Pet Food Display Ideas

When evaluating the audience for your point of sale displays, don’t forget about shoppers in your store who might be pet owners! Not only is the cuteness of our four-legged friends hard to resist, but pet owners are also likely to make more impulsive purchases for their furry friends. It’s up to you to make sure those items are displayed in the most eye-catching ways!

In this article, we’ll show you some of our favorite pet food display ideas, along with other products animals might need. Creative Displays Now’s experts can build almost any brilliant display you have in mind, but if you’re having a little trouble tapping into your creative vision, keep reading to jumpstart your process!

Getting Fancy!
One of our top pet food display examples is the one we designed with Purina, specifically their Fancy Feast products. First of all, we made sure that our graphics communicated exactly what the product was by showing a woman playing with her cat. Plus, we added onto the brand recognition that Purina has already worked so hard to establish by prominently displaying recognized logos and font.

Pet Food Display

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