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What Is Branding?

When you see a logo in an advertisement, what comes to your mind? Does it give you good memories or bad memories? When you hear a commercial jingle, what do you think of? Are you comfortable when you go into a chain restaurant and notice that they look the same? When you hear a company or product name, do you have a good reaction? All of these questions are related to the concept of branding.

Branding Definition

You have probably heard the term branding, but what is it? In brief, branding occurs when businesses present a constant look, feel and message in everything they do. Branding your business happens in advertising messages that are shown to the public, which will spark recognition in further messages that are received. By properly branding a business marketers can differentiate themselves from the competition

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Branding Importance

Branding plays an important role in marketing businesses. Branding when done properly will give customers and potential customers a message every time a commercial is seen or heard. When done properly branding will help build loyalty and customer satisfaction. Another important aspect of branding is showing consistency in the business. For example, many retail and service businesses with different locations will have a set look and layout from location to location. This gives visitors a sense of familiarity and making the experience more enjoyable.

Brand Loyalty

There is an old saying that goes “you only have one chance to make a first impression.” In the world of marketing that first impression is very important. Most businesses spend quite a bit of money to acquire new business. However, it is with the help of branding that you can get these customers to become repeat customers. With proper branding, you can create a good customer experience that customers would like to have over and over. This brand loyalty is important to get repeat business from customers by providing a consistently good experience each time they visit the business.

Benefits of Branding

As outlined above branding is a key part of the marketing function of every business. By providing customers a consistently good experience, and in the process establishing a good brand is very important. Once you have established a good brand image, it is important to maintain it. When done properly, branding can help new customers become regular customers and regular customers to become loyal customers.

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Bad Branding

When businesses don’t understand branding, they don’t use it properly. Bad branding can be because of inconsistent use of logos and colors by marketing department. If marketers are not consistent, customers will be getting inconsistent messages. By having consistency in branding, customers will become familiar and comfortable with the business and the way they operate. Bad branding can do quite a bit of harm to businesses and cost them money in the form of wasted expenses and lost sales opportunities.

Branding Components

Many aspects go into marketing and branding. These components include consistent use of a logo, consistent use of corporate colors, keeping a central theme or message in all marketing materials and having a consistent look in all business locations. By keeping a consistent look and feel in all branding and marketing initiatives, you will be sending consistent messages to customers and potential customers.

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