Creativity at Work: Famous U.S. Inventors

Learn About America’s Greatest Inventors

During the course of history of the United States of America, we have seen dramatic changes in our daily lives. The changes are because of the inventiveness and creativity of the people who have lived in the country for the past 200 years. Through the work of American inventors such as Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell, these talented individuals gave us the use of electricity, phone hundreds of other discoveries that have changed our way of living. While these inventors may not have been successful in there first attempts, by persistence they were able to create a useful product. These products were then improved upon by other creative people to further improve our way of live. To learn more about some of the more famous American inventors and there inventions, we have put a helpful list together:

  • Thomas Edison – informative resource on the inventor of the phonograph, motion picture and countless other notable inventions.
  • Benjamin Franklin – useful look at the life of Franklin and his numerous inventions including discovering lightning as a source of energy and the bi-focal eyeglasses.
  • Henry Ford – information on Henry Ford, his life, work and groundbreaking implementation of the moving assembly line, along with other auto developments.
  • Alexander Graham Bell – website discussing the accomplishments in the telecommunications field that paved the way for our ability to communicate by telephone.
  • George Eastman – developer of photographic equipment and founder of the Kodak Camera Co, along with other photographic inventions.
  • Elias Howe – informative biography of the inventor of the first sewing machine, as well as other helpful inventions.
  • Samuel Morse – information on the development and improvements made by Samuel Morse to the telegraph.
  • Eli Whitney – web site and biography about Eli Whitney and his invention of the cotton gin which helped greatly the textile industry.
  • George Washington Carver – informative biography of the former slave who would become a leading educator in the field of agriculture.
  • Wright Brothers – useful look at the lives and the inventions of the first flying machine, and how it led to a new world of travel.
  • Robert Fulton – biography and information on how Robert Fulton’s design of a steamboat helped change the face of transportation.
  • Cyrus McCormick – biographical information on Cyrus McCormick who was the first to create a mechanical, horse-drawn reaper for farming.
  • Jonas Salk – biography of the physician who worked on getting a vaccine to combat the effects of polio in people.
  • Christopher Sholes – information on the newspaperman who had many inventions in the newspaper industry as well as the first working typewriter.
  • Melville Bissell – inventor of the vacuum cleaner with information about the inventor, his wife and their accomplishments.
  • Charles Babbage – look at the life of Charles Babbage and the contributions that have been made in science, math and in computers.
  • Elisha Otis – informative introduction to the life and times of the inventor of the elevator.
  • Richard Gatling – helpful resource on the patent and invention of the Gatling machine gun.
  • Edwin Drake – information on the discovery of oil wells and other inventions in the refinery business.
  • King Gillette – useful information on the invention of the safety razor and the subsequent company that bears his name.
  • Alexander Twining (PDF) – timeline of inventors and invention including information on Alexander Twining and his invention of the first refrigerator.
  • Robert Goddard – informative article on Robert Goddard, famed scientist who was known as the Father of Modern Rocketry.
  • Charles Goodyear – information on the life and inventions in the tire industry of one of the tire industry pioneers, Charles Goodyear.
  • Marion Donovan – useful information on Marion Donovan who was the inventor of disposable diapers.
  • Ruth Wakefield – helpful information and resource on the woman who is credited with inventing and manufacturing the chocolate chip cookie.

Additional American Inventor Resources

Great American Inventors – informative website which provides information on many famous inventors and their accomplishments.
Famous American Inventors – overview of well-known American inventors from the past two hundred years.
Famous African-American Inventors – useful resource containing information and resources on famous African-American inventors, along with an outline of major discoveries.
Women Inventors History – outline providing information on several famous American women inventors over the course of history.