How to Win Over the Impulse Shopper with Custom Displays

We’ve all been there…

…you’re exhausted after a long day at work…

…you’ve been standing in line at a store for what feels like forever (seriously, is this woman paying in quarters or what?)…

…and you are just ready to get home and binge on Netflix

Finally, it’s your turn to pay: only you realize you’ve forgotten your co-worker’s birthday is tomorrow, and you’re not about to be the only one to show up without a gift.

Custom Printed Store Display

A wise retailer would realize that this situation isn’t just common – it’s also a major sales opportunity. Incidences like these are exactly why a point of purchase display (sometimes abbreviated as POP Displays) is one of the best ways to encourage impulse purchases. Offering easy and convenient POS (point of sale displays) located at the checkout doesn’t just help you help your customer – they can also help get you out of the red by making those extra sales.

Be an Influencer
According to a fascinating article in the Journal of International Business Research and Marketing, window displays are a major factor in getting shoppers who originally had no plans to enter your shop buy something from you out of the blue. The study also stresses that promotional signage throughout the store (essentially, a sign or signs that advertise a sale or highlight a specific product) also has a significant impact on buying behavior.

What else should you know? Especially when it comes to POP or POS displays, you need to be sure that your text is brief, informative, and displayed in an eye-catching manner. It’s especially effective to include percentages off or offers of a BOGO (buy one, get one). Customers want to feel as though they’re getting a great deal that should be taken advantage of today, and you want to influence that impulse buy through the suggestion that this opportunity will not last long (some other tricks of the trade: you could also consider adding text like “While Supplies Last” or “Product is Limited” to increase selling potential).

Offer Testing and Samples
Now that you’ve gotten a customer to notice your product, and alerted them to the fact that there is a special promotion going on, you still may have to convince them to buy it. One way to do that is by offering free samples or providing testers of a product.

Retail Counter Display

A great POS display will incorporate a section of the display where samples belong, along with brightly colored text encouraging potential buyers to take one. Take a perfume sample, for instance. Shoppers may want to see how the scent will work with their natural oils, whether or not it will fade, and, most of all, they’ll want to feel as though they’ve been given time to consider whether or not to make the purchase. Samples mean you prevent your customers from feeling pressured to make a purchase right away.

Make Your Displays Match
Color-coordination is not just for a college dorm room. In fact, matching or making sure your in-store displays complement each other, especially within a thematic display, can call attention to products that all go together. This means that, instead of buying just one item for the office, a customer may see your themed “office supply” display and go ahead and pick up those paper clips, cute file folders, and matching mouse pads, too.

In Conclusion…
Now that you know just how to help your shoppers with a nudge in the direction of impulse buying, it’s time to evaluate whether or not your current retail displays are doing the job well. If not, get in touch with Creative Displays Now or call us at 1-855-284-6922 to let us take your custom displays to the next level. Not only will your profits increase, but your customer will thank you when their gift is a huge hit.

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