Client of the Month: Bobalu Nuts

We’re always thrilled to share our Client of the Month with our readers. We’d like to introduce you to Bobalu Nuts, a California-based Nonpareil Almond company that roasts almonds in their shells, for that extra infusion of deliciousness. We first heard from Bobalu in October of 2015, and they were up front about the fact that they needed a lot of assistance with both creating and executing an original idea for a floor display — because we were the first custom display company they’d ever worked with!

Custom Cardboard Displays - Bobalu Nuts

We love helping new and developing businesses grow and expand their ideas, and we understand that creating an engaging display for a product is instrumental in its ability to sell. Bobalu Nuts needed to create ideas for grocery store displays that served a few purposes simultaneously:

  • The company wanted to set itself apart from the competition.
  • They wanted to stress that they are a high-end product.
  • They also wanted the ability to ship the display already loaded with packages of Bobalu Nuts.

We needed to make something durable and eye-catching that was consistent with the message of the company.

After requesting a sample of the product, we created an initial design to make sure that the display we created was able to safely hold at least 48 bags of almonds. We discussed pricing options, and to Bobalu Nuts’ surprise, we were quickly able to determine that although the company initially wanted to place an order for between 100-250 displays, we were able to provide them with 500 floor displays at a price that worked for them!

After several weeks of tweaking and perfecting our design for Bobalu Nuts, we all loved and agreed on a stunning design by Jacob Tyler that incorporated their logo, slogan and even a 3-step diagram on how to best enjoy the product. We were also able to feature key nutritional information as well as, perhaps most importantly, promote brand recognition by using the exact shades of yellow, gold and brown the company is associated with, and we created a tiered shelving design to make sure the weight of the packages was evenly distributed.

Bobalu Nuts Retail Merchandising Display

It doesn’t matter if you have years and years of experience creating custom displays, or if this is your first go at it, Creative Displays Now will work with you to create the design of your dreams that meets your practical, financial and branding needs. No matter what you’re selling, we can make something that stops people in their tracks — and something that’s durable enough to make it through shipping and handling. Reach out to us today to get started on a display that will take your marketing to the next level and maximize the ability to optimize your brand.

To start your own project go to or contact us and we’ll help you with all your questions.

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