Creative Displays Now Customer of the Month: Búho Cigars

At Creative Displays Now, we love new challenges and opportunities. We recently enjoyed working with one of the leading companies in the boutique cigar marketplace. Búho Cigars offers an exquisite selection of hand-rolled cigars designed to appeal to the true aficionado. Each cigar produced by Búho represents the culmination of four generations of dedication and effort by Cuban masters in the art of cigar making. These luxurious items require special care to ensure the perfect smoke for consumers. Búho Cigars turned to us for help in creating a unique, one of a kind display for their elite lineup of world-class cigars for use in a wide range of retail environments. We rose to the challenge and delivered an innovative and appealing display unit for Búho Cigars, the Creative Displays Now customer of the month.

Printed Cardboard Displays for Buho Cigars

The Challenge:
Búho Cigars packages each of its hand-rolled masterpieces in a humidor bag, ensuring that these luxurious items remain in perfect condition at every step of their journey to the consumer. Creating an eye-catching display capable of accommodating and showcasing these humidor bags in diverse retail environments was the first order of business for Búho and Creative Displays Now. We sat down with the professionals at Búho Cigars to discuss their specific needs, wants and preferences and to determine the best approach to this new project.

The Display:
Our design and fabrication team took its cues from Búho’s existing branding and marketing strategies. A bold yellow shelving area was used to showcase the travel bag humidor packages, while other areas of the display echoed current marketing campaigns and logos. Compact and elegant, the display is ideally suited for use in golf clubs, luxury hotels, resorts, fine dining establishments and private clubs. Búho’s unique humidor bag eliminates the need to store elite cigars in a large-scale humidor, making it easier for retailers to integrate Búho Cigars into their current store configurations or consumer environments. By making these hand-rolled luxury cigars available to consumers outside the traditional tobacco shop environment, Búho can expand its range of potential customers and can increase its visibility among the company’s most likely clientele.

The Result:
Thanks to the joint efforts of Creative Displays Now and Búho Cigars, these world-class cigars are now available in a wide range of retail outlets. The combination of a unique and eye-catching display unit, the innovative humidor bags and the right choice of shopping venues has allowed Búho to reach many more customers in a remarkably short time.

At Creative Displays Now, we take pride in finding the most appealing and effective solutions for clients like Búho Cigars. Our expert design team can help you create the most attractive displays and achieve the most positive outcomes in the modern retail marketplace.

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