Creative Displays Now to Showcase Recent Displays at GlobalShop 2012

Creative Displays Now, a division of Great Northern Corporation, will be at GlobalShop, Feb 29 – March 2, at the Sales Expo Center in Las Vegas.

Great Northern will be exhibiting at Booth #433 and will compete with the following 11 displays in POPAI’s annual Outstanding Marketing at Retail Achievement (OMA) awards contest. This is the industry’s largest and longest-running competition, recognizing the most innovative and effective marketing-at-retail displays and programs.

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3M-Holiday-Pallet-Display3M Office Depot Holiday Full Pallet DisplayDesigned to drive incremental holiday sales of Scotch® Tapes, this display had to contain both office tapes and packaging tapes. The goal was to get placement of the new desk dispensers into the market and increase the attachment rate between boxed tape and dispensers as well as other premium packaging tapes. Dual back-to-back mirrored quarter pallet displays combined with corner dump bins enabled all the offerings to be contained in one pallet that could be easily adjusted based on store volumes, as well as made it easy for consumers to shop. Sales of Scotch premium packaging tapes outpaced the store brand and last year’s sales. 3M-ST-Holdiay-Quarter-Pallet-Dsply3M Staples Holiday Shipper DisplaysCreated for a fall season presentation that would carry into the holidays, this merchandising display had to convey a “gift” image without being holiday-specific in nature. The die-cut roll wrap attracted shoppers to the display and helped to entice them to purchase Scotch Tape and Post-it® Labels for the holidays while they were picking up their business supplies. Sales from the Scotch Tape and Post-it Labels point-of-sale displays experienced a double-digit increase and the attachment rate between the two product categories has risen to an all-time high as a result of the in-store promotion.
3M-Stiletto-Half-Pallet-Display3M Staples Holiday Half Pallet DisplayThis display featured a die-cut dimensional image of the new Stiletto dispenser being merchandised, along with touch-and-feel samples of the dispenser on the top shelf. Designed to increase incremental sales during the holidays, the unit’s pyramid shape implied the essence of a holiday tree, but was generic enough for pre-holiday placement with removable base graphics that aided the transition from one season to the next. The point-of-sale display resulted in significant share gains in the channel and double-digit percent growth each week, starting in the fall and continuing through the holiday season. 3M-shipper-display3M Post-It Apple Shipper DisplayThe fun, simple apple header drew consumer attention and quickly created awareness of the new apple-shaped Post-It dispenser. Waterfall layering of the shelves allowed consumers to shop the product easily. Sales earned from the six-week product launch using the display resulted in a commitment from the retailer to give the product regular placement in aisle.
Wrigley-Gum-DisplayWrigley’s® 1200 Ct. Five® RPM Pallet DisplayThe dramatic dark esthetic of this display reflected the cutting edge graphics and packaging of the Five brand to introduce two new RPM gum flavors and grow sales of existing flavors, aimed at teens and young adults. The large side-panel graphics provided maximum visual impact down aisle. The shelves were angled to provide maximum product visibility and to ease shopping. Configured to hold high volumes of product, the display promoted impulse purchases. Use of the merchandiser resulted in a 30-percent lift over 1,900 retail placements. Mountain-Dew-CoolerMountain Dew Cooler Door Oversize Bottle SignageAs part of Mountain Dew’s “Paint the Store Green” campaign designed to flood convenience store channels with multiple forms of point-of-purchase, this store signage utilized untapped real estate for branding. The oversized bottle graphic created a wow factor to draw attention to the brand at the cooler door. Unlike most cooler door signage, which loses impact against the backdrop of colorful products that sit behind the glass, this large graphic replication of a bottle quickly identifies the brand and creates a visual beacon to locate Mountain Dew products. The component structure of the design enabled it to be positioned onto various sized cooler doors.
Mountain-Dew-Ceiling-SignageMountain Dew Ceiling Wave SignageWith limited space available for point-of-sale materials inside convenience store environments, the ceiling offered an area for branding that was typically underutilized. The spiraling shape of the point-of-sale device created a fun, high-impact display that was a first of its kind in the beverage industry. Major graphic elements like the logo, slogan and product imagery were on the outside of the spiral, while a skateboarder and water imagery filled the inside to create a nine-foot composition that reinforced the brand from 360 degrees. Easy to execute, the unit hung from the ceiling by seven strings and helped to increase impulse sales of Mountain Dew products. Mattel-Cars-Product-DisplayMattel® Cars 2 Character Car Floor Stand DisplayThe offset-printed, die-cut floor display supported the highly anticipated release of the Disney•Pixar Cars 2 movie with vivid, animated graphics featuring the popular character imagery and minimal copy to increase overall appeal to children. The unit’s design resembled a movie standee typically found in theater lobbies to create visual impact and bring attention to the Cars 2 die-cast vehicles for sale. Display graphics had to align with other in-store signage and Cars 2 products for sale to make a cohesive and compelling statement. The offer for a free Cars 2 backpack with purchase helped to close sales. Product sales exceeded all expectations.
Hot-Wheels-Custom-DisplayHot Wheels® Custom Car Promo Full Pallet DisplayDesigned for Walmart’s 2011 Toyland program, this pallet display merchandising Hot Wheels products had to meet stringent graphic and structural specifications. The pre-packed/pre-assembled merchandiser display, configured for shopping from multiple directions, provided a streamlined product arrangement to prevent visual clutter. The four-sided header featured both Walmart Toyland and Hot Wheels Custom Car promotional graphics. The side panel communicated a multi-purchase incentive, including a QR code, to appeal to mom shoppers, while the use of colorful character imagery drew the attention of children. Hits to the Hot Wheels site, via the QR code on the display, point to a successful promotion. Walmart_Magazine_DsplyTime Warner Walmart Floor Stand DisplayThis unique-shaped display, merchandising a mix of eight different Time Warner magazine titles, was placed in “action alley” across from the women’s clothing section at Walmart. Consumers could shop the display from two sides, which featured four pockets each for holding magazines. Vibrant, litho-mounted side panels illustrated the contents of some of the titles to attract attention and peak interest. Stores with the display saw an 11-percent sales lift over those without the display.
Verizon-4-Sided-DisplayVerizon Wireless/Best Buy 4-way DisplayAs a four-sided merchandising unit, this display kept the product, branding and key messaging of the value of pay-as-you-go cell phone plans visible to shoppers from all directions at retail. Designed to fit the specific retailer’s store environment, the display had a footprint of less than four-feet wide and included a melamine base to provide extra stability when placed on carpeting. The display design also offered flexibility for customization for different retail outlets, yet was durable enough to withstand the rigors of consumer shopping and restocking for up to six months. This merchandiser has been measured as the most successful display program to date for Verizon Wireless.
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