Del Sol Named Client of the Month by Creative Displays Now

Our July 2015 client of the month is Del Sol, the leading purveyor of clothing and accessories that change color when exposed to sunlight. These fun and innovative products required top-quality display designs to ensure the greatest appeal for consumers. These items were originally typically sold in kiosks on cruise ships and tourist areas. As Del Sol prepared to make the move to launch product sales in retail and grocery outlets across the U.S., they consulted with our team at Creative Displays Now to create a range of retail display stands specifically designed for use in these venues:

  • Point-of-sale displays to ensure a share of the impulse buy market
  • Free-standing floor displays for clothing and accessories
  • Countertop displays for sunglasses, nail polish and other small accessory items

Cardboard Counter Display - Del Sol

Step one was the planning phase. We discussed the planned deployment of these exhibits with the Del Sol marketing team and presented them with a variety of options that highlighted the color-changing capabilities of their products. Fun in the sun was an important theme for Del Sol, so Creative Displays Now incorporated eye-catching visual designs to appeal to consumers in these new retail outlets.

Challenges and Inspirations
Because Del Sol produces a wide range of products that include nail polishes, sunglasses and apparel for every member of the family, designing customized displays for all these items presented special challenges for the Creative Displays Now team. We worked with Del Sol’s marketing group to create retail display stands to their precise and exacting requirements, including the following:

  • Countertop nail polish displays that allow clear views of all of the colors available in the Del Sol line
  • Free-standing product displays that can be used as power-wing stands for use at the end of grocery aisles or shelving units

del sol corrugated floor display

Customized Benefits
By allowing one versatile design to perform double duty as both a freestanding unit and a power-wing display, we were able to reduce the costs to Del Sol in producing these promotional product stands for the general retail marketplace. Selecting corrugated cardboard inserts in preference to thermoform plastic helped to reduce the costs of these displays for added profitability and reduced overhead. At every step of the process, Creative Displays Now provided guidance and support for the Del Sol Marketing team to ensure that all aspects of design and construction were completed to our client’s satisfaction.

Positive Outcomes
Once the display plans were finalized, Creative Displays Now fabricated, printed and shipped out the units prepackaged with products already in place. This saved time and effort at the retail destinations and ensured premium placement for these elite product stands. The entire Del Sol lineup is now available at select retail locations around the globe. This collaborative effort between Del Sol and Creative Displays Now has proven beneficial to both our companies, leading to the selection of Del Sol as our July client of the month.

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