Display Basics – Lesson 3: Considerations for Your Shipping Boxes

By , Designer for Creative Displays Now

Note: This is the third in a series of articles (“Lessons”) covering the basics of corrugated displays and boxes.

Almost everything we buy gets shipped somehow, somewhere in a box. There are hundreds of thousands of different products out there, just like there are different boxes for each one of those items.

Here is a list of a few things for you to think about before shipping your product, which will help us customize your box to ensure safe delivery of your products.

  1. What is going in the box; what is the size of product?
  2. How many of this product will go into the box?
  3. How is it going to ship: UPS, FEDEX or Truck Line?
  4. Is the box shipping by itself, on a pallet, or double stacked?
  5. Will it be stacked in a warehouse? If so, approximately how long?

Our partner site, Custom Boxes Now, offers a nice online configuration tool that allows you to select from different box styles and strengths while seeing pricing in real-time. There is also a Shipping Box Help Center that addresses many aspects of designing and manufacturing shipping boxes.

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