Exploring Creativity at Comic-Con 2015

This year’s Comic-Con convention featured some of the biggest names in movies, television and print entertainment to include a full array of superheroes that made a splash with fans. The highly creative floor displays being used to promote movies and comic books in this elite venue, however, may truly be the unsung heroes of Comic-Con 2015. While tech giants like Best Buy have typically dominated the floor and booth displays in previous years, some stand-outs have made an impact that far outlived their stay on the convention floor.

Crowd-Pleasers at Comic-Con 2015
Some of the most popular displays and exhibits this year were based on amazing games, reboots of classic comedy movies and shout-outs to current and former mega-hits in the entertainment field:

The upcoming reboot of Ghostbusters spawned a good deal of interest in the all-new proton pack designs on display at Comic-Con.

Ghost Busters Display

Game company Legendary unveiled a full lineup of weaponry and character designs for Warcraft. Weta Workshop founder Richard Taylor is responsible for much of the look and feel of these designs, which derive some inspiration from Taylor’s work on the acclaimed Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Hot Toys & Sideshow Collectibles:
Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectibles are sharing space and attention on the convention floor with some of the most dramatic presentations of scale replicas, figurines and other collectibles from some of the most enduring popular films and cult classics of the past five decades.

Game of Thrones:
Game of Thrones building sets from McFarlane Toys are attracting crowds of admiring fans and are expected to hit retail store shelves in the next few months.

While the subjects of these creative floor displays can claim some of the credit for their popularity, the presentations created by designers in the commercial arts arena add to the appeal of these attractions on the Comic-Con convention floor.

Past Stand-Out Performances
Comic-Con has long been the premier convention for comic’s fans and movie buffs in the U.S. Located in San Diego, Comic-Con offers a wide range of entertainment options for attendees. The innovative booths and creative floor displays, however, have earned a special place in the heart of nerds. Here are some of the most memorable visual displays from previous years:

Guardians of the Galaxy:
Marvel made a huge impression on potential movie-goers with its 2014 Guardians of the Galaxy Display, which included a full-size space ship for convention goers to admire and enjoy.

Guardians Display

Bodock, the Giant Creature:
Bodock, the Giant Creature, stood 14 feet tall and weighed a solid ton. A production of the Stan Winston School of Character Arts, this impressive creation made a real impact on Comic-Con attendees in 2014.

SyFy original show Defiance took over an entire building front in 2012 to attract viewers and attention for their debut.

These success stories from previous and current Comic-Con conventions can give modern businesses inspiration to promote their own products and services more effectively and can make a real impact on consumers in demographics of importance to their ongoing success.

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