Five Out-of-the-Box Counter Displays Shoppers Simply Can’t Ignore

A counter display can say a little or say a lot, and in all honesty, it probably isn’t using any words at all. The most important aspect of an effective point-of-purchase display is that it attracts attention with an eye-catching design. So how do vendors and retailers make their products stand out at the sales counter? To give you an idea, here are five examples of “out-of-the-box” counter displays that grab attention from even the busiest and most distracted shopper.

Clever Holiday Displays for St. Patty’s Day
With the recent St. Patrick’s Day holiday, we saw lots of posters and displays with shades of green and images of leprechauns and four-leaf clovers. Some retailers have found ways to tie this holiday that celebrates the patron saint of Ireland into the products they’re selling. This includes a home and garden supplier that decorated its store and decked out its countertop displays with vibrant greens and yellows for “Daisy Days” the same weekend, tying flowers and springtime in with the holiday.

Collectible Memorabilia Displays
There are a lot of collectors out there. When you display your products to highlight how each individual one is part of a collection, dedicated collectors are more likely to want them all. We’ve seen this in a display for a series of collectible glasses featuring Indiana Jones, for example, in which each glass was one in a set of four.
Cardboard Counter Display

Kitschy Candy Displays
Selling candy should be fun, and what a better way to do it than right at the counter! One successful vendor displays its swirling lollipops in stores with a kitschy display that explodes with color and lets the products speak for themselves. The display itself is cleverly hidden behind the array of lollipops popping out of every corner. This simple yet effective design not only gets kids’ attention, but also encourages adults to feel like a kid again, appealing to their sense of emotion.

Retro Displays
A free-standing retro display, such as the elegant cube-shaped POP displays recently designed by M. Lavine, can bring customers back to another time – even if they weren’t born yet at that time! People love feeling like they’re being sent back to bygone eras such as the 50s and 60s, with classic products and displays that create an undeniable certain retro feel. This display in particular used cubes reminiscent of 50s modernism with a sign holder on top.

“Sneak Preview” DVD Displays
One of the most inventive POP displays we’ve seen for the DVD sales market featured a “Sneak Preview” theme that gives the product (in this case the latest DVD release of a popular action film) an exclusive feel, just like being one of the first to see a film in a cinema. The layer of plastic over the cardboard display of DVDs also resembles the frames that covers movie posters outside theaters.

Shoppers see so many displays every time they go through the checkout stand at the many stores they visit, which makes it increasingly difficult to leave a lasting impression. With counter display ideas like these, though, you can inspire customers to make a purchase they otherwise might not have.

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