Five Signage Solutions to Complement Your POS Display Stand

In the retail environment, point of sale (POS) displays are a high visibility method for attracting the attention of consumers. As a result, the POS display stand tends to receive the lion’s share of media coverage and in-store acclaim. Retail signage, however, can be just as important in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for your customers and in providing them with the information they need to locate items in stores and establishments. At Creative Displays Now (CDN), we specialize in providing you with a full range of signage options designed specifically to suit the needs of your company. Here are five of the most popular items in our comprehensive range of signage options.

SOLUTION #1: Hanging Signs
Suspended on wires over large-scale displays of your products, hanging signs provide your company with added reach that extends from one end of the store to the other. Bright colors and scintillating movement can be real eye-catchers that can enhance visibility for your product lines and can boost your overall sales in retail venues. Using large fonts and consistent color choices can also increase the drawing power of these marketing tools.

Hanging Cardboard Retail Sign

SOLUTION #2: Sign and Shelf Combos
Adding a custom-printed sign to your display shelves can double the impact of your freestanding displays. These value-added signage options can provide added information for consumers or can create standout visibility for otherwise humdrum product shelves. By combining your displays with complementary signage, you can ensure that your target audiences see and purchase your products in the retail environment.

SOLUTION #3: Printed Pallet Wrap
Depending on the venue in which your products will be displayed and sold, pallet wraps can provide that extra visual appeal for consumers. This is especially true for warehouse and big box stores that typically do not invest floor space in POS display stand units or other traditional marketing options. By wrapping pallets in promotional materials, you can ensure that your marketing message gets through even in these less-than-ideal environments.

Printed Pallet Wrap

SOLUTION #4: Structures
Walk-through arches and other structural displays can delight children and impress adults in the retail marketplace. By investing in these large-scale marketing signs and adding your own unique flair, your company can make a major impact on your key demographics. This can result in increased sales and improved visibility in the retail environment.

SOLUTION #5: Informational Floor Units
In shopping centers and other enclosed retail venues, creating an informational floor display can help your company develop leads and attract new clients. Incorporating a brochure holder or an electronic interface can ensure that you achieve the highest degree of engagement with potential customers and that your message is clearly communicated to those in the market for your products and services. An appealing and approachable design is also essential for the best possible results.

Cardboard Retail Sign Display

Working with the professionals at CDN can help you determine the best configurations and graphic designs for these and other signage projects. The right signs can provide solid support for your corporate branding efforts and can boost your overall visibility among consumers, allowing you to enjoy added profitability and increased revenues in the retail marketplace.

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