Literature Displays: Enticing Consumers to Learn More

One of the most popular types of corrugated displays that we design and manufacture are those that promote literature for our clients. Pamphlet displays, brochure holders, and business card displays are commonly used to help consumers learn more about a product, service, or cause.

Cardboard Brochure DisplayDisplay for Brochures

These literature displays are commonly found in medical facilities, insurance offices, financial institutions, or anywhere it is crucial to encourage consumers to receive further information.

There are many uses at retail stores as well—products that are complex or new to the market are good candidates for corrugated cardboard brochure displays. Many of these literature displays utilize QR codes as well, to give users the ability to access the information by scanning the code and accessing a website.

Commercial printers and ad agencies are able to utilize these brochure displays to offer their clients a bundled solution—literature and display in one package. This allows organizations to effectively call attention to the product or service brochure, and encourages further interaction by the end consumer.

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