11 POP Displays CPG Brands Should Consider Using

If you have a consumer packaged goods (CPG) brand, understanding the possibilities of point-of-purchase (POP) displays is essential for retailers’ success. You can reap many benefits and drive sales by utilizing interesting in-store displays.

We are breaking down various types of POP displays that CPG brands should consider using to enhance stores’ retail strategy.

1. Floor Displays

Floor displays refer to stand-alone point-of-purchase displays that catch the consumer’s attention.

This type of display is effective in marketing products at eye level. If you design your floor displays with bold graphics and interesting structural creativity, stores can draw in shoppers and make them more interested in their merchandise.

Floor displays can go almost anywhere in a retail space and are easy to move.

2. Retail Counter Display

In 2022, Americans spent over $300 each month on impulse purchases. Retail counter displays encourage last-minute buys while consumers are in line to check out.

If your customers are looking for a way to roll out a new product and see how it performs, retail counter displays are an effective way to do this. The right point-of-purchase design will spark interest and increase sales potential.

3. Multi-Tiered Displays

Multi-tiered displays are a great way to showcase a brand’s different products or product variations. If your brand has different flavors, colors or configurations of their merchandise, they may organize them in a display where they can coexist and complement each other.

The design of these displays offers greater versatility, and customers can explore more of what your brand has to offer at once. Your could inspire customers to make an impulse purchase thanks to a one-of-a-kind retail experience.

4. Power Wing and Sidekick Displays

Sidekick displays, also called power wings, are POP displays that typically attach to store shelving in high-trafficked areas. They are often used to inspire impulse purchases and can be an effective way either test a new product or move older inventory out of the store.

Your brand can design sidekick displays so retailers can show off smaller products that are easy to toss into a shopping cart or basket. They are a great way to generate brand awareness and capture shoppers’ attention.

5. PDQ Displays

Products displayed quickly (PDQ) displays are a great way for CPG brands to capitalize on compact spaces. These types of displays aim to boost sales of small merchandise, such as:

  • Candy
  • Gum
  • Lip balm
  • Hand sanitizer

With the right eye-catching design, your brand can use a PDQ display to draw customers to products and educate them about your brand.

6. Dump Bins and Case Stacker Displays

Dump bins and case stacker displays are very popular in the beverage industry, especially for wine and beer displays.

Case stackers make it possible to pile products in an organized and attention-catching way. A dump bin display is often less organized and showcases the merchandise tossed together.

Both styles make grabbing products on the go easy for shoppers, and brands can use the display to share product information or attractive graphics.

Corrugated displays are environmentally friendly

7. Counter Shipper Displays

As a CPG brand, you want to reach the consumer when it matters most. The checkout counter in retail spaces is prime real estate, and counter shipper displays are a great way to increase impulse sales as they pay for their items.

Counter shipper displays are a great way to showcase smaller-sized products in an organized manner.

8. End Cap Displays

Endcap displays, also called end aisle displays, are one of the most effective ways to showcase your products and boost sales.

As consumers enter and exit the aisles, they’ll see your display. You can use your branding and design to capture their attention and draw their eyes toward your merchandise. End caps are a great way to boost brand awareness and share exciting new products from your business.

9. Gravity Feed Displays

Another type of POP display that CPG brands can benefit from utilizing is a gravity feed display. The sloped shelves let the merchandise remain at the front of the display, where customers can easily grab what they want. When they remove one item, the next falls into its place. These displays make it easy to present products in an interesting and aesthetically pleasing manner.

10. Pallet Displays

Pallet displays let businesses showcase large quantities of products in one area. The display sets on a plastic or wooden pallet, keeping it off the floor and protecting the merchandise.

These types of displays are easy for retailers to move around their stores. They offer great structural support and are free-standing to capture the shoppers’ attention.

11. Inline Displays

One of the best ways to optimize limited shelving space is to use inline merchandising displays. These displays are often situated by the checkout area and drive impulse buys. They make it easy for shoppers to quickly and effortlessly grab the products before checking out.

Inline displays are cost-effective, and CPG brands can get creative in designing them using signage and promotional materials that effectively capture the consumer’s attention.

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