Simplux Flameless Candles: The CDN Client of the Month

At Creative Displays Now, we specialize in providing businesses with the most attractive and durable displays for a variety of retail environments. We welcome design and fabrication challenges and take pride in creating innovative solutions for our clients. We recently created display units for Simplux by Melrose, one of the leaders in flameless candles. When our team saw the product to be displayed, we instantly knew that elegance and luxury would be our watchwords during the development process.

Cardboard POP Display for Simplux Candles

Simplux Flameless Candles
Simplux candles offer the elegant look of real candles without the risks of an open flame. The innovative design of these decorative items even includes a flickering, realistic candlelight flame that is difficult to distinguish from the real thing. Available in designs ranging from classic wax drip to exquisite mosaics, these candles can complement almost any indoor décor. The cool light produced by the Simplux line of candles can be used anywhere to create a relaxing and romantic atmosphere. The secret to these elegant candles is the company’s TRUE-FLAME Technology, which uses LED lights to reproduce the beauty and warmth of real flames without the heat, smoke or fire of traditional candles and lamps.

The Display Challenge
Because elegance and beauty are so much a part of the Simplux brand, our team immediately envisioned a sleek black display with white, gray and gold accents and text. Corrugated cardboard was chosen to provide solid support for candles in the retail environment. Sturdy shelves of varying heights were incorporated into the rugged cardboard display to showcase candles of different sizes. We topped off the display with the Simplux logo and tagline and added images of one of the realistic wax drip candles created by this innovative company. Throughout the design process, the Creative Displays Now team opted for elegant simplicity to reflect the Simplux motto: Luxury Made Simple. The clean lines and sophisticated presentation of our stand-up display unit perfectly complement the candle designs offered by Simplux.

Custom Corrugated Candle Display

At Creative Displays Now, we take pride in designing and fabricating the most beautiful and appealing display units for our clients. From interactive displays that showcase top technologies to stand-alone units like the one we designed for Simplux by Melrose, our design team can create the right solutions for businesses looking to stand out in the retail marketplace. We are pleased to have had the chance to work with Simplux in presenting their full lineup of exquisite flameless candles in the consumer marketplace.

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