Success Story: Lexmark Endcap Display


Note: Our “Success Stories” are a series of postings about retail displays and product packaging that we produced with exceptional results for our customers. We share these to inspire new ideas for your point of purchase display and packaging projects.

  • Create an endcap display to promote the launch of a new printer
  • Feature prominent graphics to emphasize cost savings
  • Make it store-ready for ease of set-up

What we did

  • A live printer could not be utilized due to power restrictions, so a full scale 4-color lug-on was created for the out-of-the-box experience
  • Bright graphics and an appealing monster visual were tied in to the front and side panels to attract attention and encourage interaction
  • Space was engineered to keep product inventory readily available


  • Retailer loved the minimal set-up time and the amount of consumer education that was graphically portrayed, which freed up sales associate time
  • Incremental ink sales increased
  • Lexmark™ got featured placement in store, and are re-launching a similar endcap display with a new product
We pride ourselves on working with our clients to create displays that sell more products at retail. Contact Creative Displays Now to discuss how we can help with your next retail endcap display or product packaging project.
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