The Hops Behind the Display: Structural Tips for Beverage Displays

Still feeling that busy-holiday-season hangover? Don’t let it affect your store’s beer and beverage sales! 2015 was a huge year for the beer industry: Anheuser-Busch InBev and SABMiller merged, the craft brewery Ballast Point was acquired for $1 billion and home-brewing kits were a more popular Christmas gift than ever before. Jump on the bandwagon in 2016 by reading up on our tips, tricks and guidance to creating successful — and structurally sound — beverage displays. We’ve got you covered from Super Bowl displays to the hipster, craft beer crowd.

Cardboard Liquor Display

Represent Your Local Team
It’s no secret that Game Day, whether the Super Bowl or a local match, is the perfect time to relax, get some nachos and enjoy some beers with friends. Tap into this market with your beer displays by customizing your display with the colors, mascot, favorite players or logo of your local team. Even if your shoppers came into the store for something else, they’ll see your sports-themed display and think: I should probably pick up a few six-packs for Sunday’s game while I’m here.

Quick tip: Try placing a few game day snack foods, like chips, guacamole or onion dip in close proximity to your beer displays.

Roll Tide Roll
Even if you’re not a fan of the University of Alabama, their slogan is a great thing to keep in mind when creating your beverage displays. If you’re selling individual cans, you can fit a lot more merchandise much more soundly (the last thing anyone needs is a beverage display tipping over) by setting cans on their sides and having them roll out, one by one. Quick tip: Not only will your beverage display always look full, you’ll also even out weight, making sure your display is structurally safe.

Stacks on Stacks
Another easy and convenient method for you and your shoppers? Try the case stacking display, which allows for your customers to buy in larger quantities while taking from the top — which means your display won’t fall over. If you’re worried that the display won’t look festive enough for your taste, you can always embellish by doing things like dangling a hanging sign above the display or adding color catch the eye of your customers. Deck it out in the logo of the liquor, beer or other beverage so shoppers in another part of the store can easily find it.

Cardboard Drink Display

Quick tip: While we prefer stacked displays for those stores selling larger quantities, if you’re going for a shelving display, it’s essential to have employees make sure that they’re fully stocked. Try adding more products to the front first, so that the shelving rows appear even and organized — and let your customers know you have enough for them.

There are a million different ways to make a creative beer or beverage display. Start off on the right foot for your store and switch up your displays. Learn about the design elements you need to consider when creating a beverage display.

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