Trends in Point of Purchase Displays for 2014 Holidays

Point of purchase displays are one of the main staples of modern retailing, taking their prominent place at check-stands and sales counters across the globe. With holiday sales around the corner, encouraging customers to grab last-minute add-on purchases can really have a positive influence on your overall sales during the busy shopping times.


If you want to have the biggest impact on your bottom line as possible, consider these current trends in the point of purchase (POP) display industry, and see where you can take your products next.

It’s a Matter of Science
Believe it or not, the current trends in POP displays, and consumer behavior in general, aren’t just speculations; there is academic and extensive consumer research to back up much of what we know about point of purchase buying. One study, conducted by a team of researchers at UC Berkeley, found that shoppers are an astounding six times more likely to purchase something if they see it highlighted by a point of purchase display. Creativity counts too – savvy consumers are used to seeing the standard packs of gum and travel-sized toiletries. Try and make your POP displays stand out. Use color and signage that really gets customers looking.

Print is Still King of POP
Speaking of signage, when it comes to POP displays, print is still king. Although there have been many advances in digital display advertising, including LED screens and other electronic signage, these technologies are more expensive and often have proven to be no more effective than printed displays. That doesn’t mean a cardboard point of purchase display has to be traditional and boring, though. With innovations in design and graphics capabilities, the creative possibilities are virtually endless. Take advantage of the talented companies out there who design these items, as a little professional creativity often will pay for itself many times over in the added revenue you can generate.

Ultra-Specific Customer Targeting
Thanks to advances in information technology and consumer science, retailers and manufacturers have more information than ever to help them customize the shopping experience for their target customers. Some companies are even hiring consultants to advise them on the point of purchase habits of their target market. The benefits of their findings? Ultra-specific customer targeting means designing displays and creating retail experiences that take every detail of your target customer’s lifestyle into account – you’re speaking directly to their needs.

When in Doubt, Don’t Be Normal
A shopper may be faced with numerous displays of products from the time they enter a store to the time they reach the checkout stand. This has left retailers vying for shoppers’ attention. Creativity in structure and form is an undeniable trend for point of purchase displays, with everything from cut-out shapes to 3D printing. It’s clear that creativity goes a long way. Standing out from the norm can often be the difference in making the sale or not.

One thing is certain in 2014: the numbers about point of purchase marketing don’t lie. The question is, what are you going to do with this optimal space?


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