Wrapping Up 2015 – Trends in Retail Display

2015 is almost over, and it’s time to take a look back at the year’s biggest trends in retail floor displays. Let’s review what grabbed our customers’ attention this year,  and take a look at what to expect for 2016.

Raw Goods
The slow movement, artisanal, farm-to-table lifestyle craved by many stressed out consumers doesn’t begin and end in the kitchen. One of the year’s most popular trends in floor displays involved honing in on that eco-friendly vibe: think leafy plants and succulents, wooden crates or large wooden tables, walls covered in recycled sheet metal or painted by a local artist. It isn’t just good for your business—it’s good for the environment, too! Show customers you care about the look of your store and sustainability no matter what kind of goods you sell. If you didn’t jump on this trend in 2015, next year offer your customers a break from the concrete jungle when they step into your store.

Floor Displays

Let Them Leave Their Mark
Customers are more likely to return to a place that feels familiar to them. What better way to make your customers feel at home than by allowing them to write personalized messages, drawings or friendly suggestions on a display coated with chalk paint? Bonus: parents with younger children will thank you for keeping their kids entertained while they shop.

Lighting Matters
Whether we’re trying on clothes or picking up groceries, we’ve all been in that store where we catch a glimpse of ourselves in a mirror and think, “Yikes…isn’t this lighting a bit harsh?” Cool, soft lighting tones rather than harsh, bright, unfiltered lights have been shown to make a marked difference not just on time customers spend in your store, but also on the purchases they make. Especially if you’re running a clothing store or jewelry, the right lighting on your floor displays can be the reason a sale is made. Besides, you can use lighting to your advantage, highlighting areas of the store you want your customers to notice first. In 2016, use the lighting on your displays to make sure your products are always in the limelight.

Be Bold & Upfront
If you’re looking to catch a customer’s attention, selecting displays with bright, attention-getting shades and placing them front and center are wonderful ways to get people to notice your store’s interior from the sidewalk. When combined with the right lighting, bold colors can guide your customer’s gaze to show off that must-have product.

Printed Floor Display

Whether you’re going for a natural vibe, focused on making your customers feel comfortable and confident or just looking for ways to extend the time and money clients spend in your space, the right floor displays can make all the difference. Take a cue from these 2015 trends to really make your mark in 2016.

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