Environmentally Friendly and Recycled Art Projects for Kids


Art projects are activities that stimulate a child’s creativity as well as provide an educational lesson for whatever the project is for. Art projects do not have to only be about the art that is being completed, it can also be about other subjects – including environmental friendly ideas – that teach children the importance of the environment. Art projects can become expensive because of the materials that need to be used, especially when purchasing the right type of art supplies to protect the environment. Although it can cost additional money, you can often find deals for earth-friendly art supplies.

One way to save money with art projects is to have the children bring in items from around the house that they do not use anymore. Anything can be made into art from shoestrings to empty paper towel rolls. Cut the paper towel rolls in diagonal shapes and create abstract art. You can also use bottle caps from the recycling bin to make lockets or necklaces. Using items from around the house and recycling them into art projects is not only easy on your pockets, it also helps kids become aware of the environment. Make sure the children understand how the art they have created reduces the amount of waste that is being thrown away.

Other ideas include making a bird feeder from an old Frisbee that you have lying around. Using this as a way to help feed birds is a great way for your kids to understand that nature and the environment go hand in hand. Another object that can be used for you is to clean out an ice cream carton and use it as a personal bank by gluing or taping the top to the bottom and cutting a slit at the top for coins.

Green art products are manufactured, formulated and packaged with the environment in mind. More and more companies are creating products that are safer for the environment and for our children to use. You can find a variety of colored pencils, paints, screen-printing inks and paper that are all eco-friendly. In addition to the actual materials, you can also find equipment that is green such as an easel.

Resources For Green Art Projects