The Process

  1. Design



    Everything starts with an idea. Whether you have your own idea or need some help, let our team of experts make it become a reality. Our structural design team has years of experience in creating point of purchase displays and retail packaging for a wide variety of applications. You have probably seen their work in retail environments such as Target, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, Costco, Best Buy, and many others.


    Cardboard Display Design

  2. Prototyping



    Our prototype services allow you to see your custom POP display or package prior to being manufactured. We offer the ability to create full-color, physical prototypes to help you visualize your unique retail display or packaging before finalizing your order. Our advanced Kongsberg tables allow us to cut a variety of substrates, ranging from board stock to triple wall corrugated, as well as plastics and foam.

    Display Prototype

  3. Printing



    We offer many printing options to best match your display or packaging requirements. Using lithography, flexography, and digital printing technology, we work to achieve your desired print quality and budget. Our G7® Master Qualification mark, which certifies our use of the most modern technology, techniques, proofing and press controls, and standards required to produce a close visual match from proof to print.

    In-house Printing Expertise

    We are very proud of our advanced printing capabilities. All of our prepress and printing is done in-house, so we control the quality and speed of the project. Essentially, we are a commercial printer inside a corrugated display manufacturing facility.

    Having our own plate-setter allows us to produce printing plates on-site, instead of hiring an outside plate maker that may cause delays and quality issues. We can provide color proofs within 24-36 hours!

    Color Management

    The primary goal of color management is to maintain consistency of color between devices. Creative Displays Now uses a combination of calibration, equipment, and training to achieve:

    • Training – On-site certified color management professional
    • Calibration – G7 Master Printer, qualified by Idealliance
    • Equipment – Color server to produce G7 proofs, which are certified after output and a Litho press that is fingerprinted to G7 standards

    Types of Printing

    Creative Displays Now offers multiple types of printing for your corrugated display and packaging projects.

    • Litho Laminating – Lithography produces photo-quality printing. In this process, we can print your high-resolution graphics directly to paper and then mount that paper to corrugated board. This process is needed when very high-quality printing is required.
    • Flexography (Flexo) – This is the most basic form of printing on corrugated, usually 1-3 colors. This process is perfect for your logo or simple art. This type of printing places the artwork directly on the corrugated board.
    • Digital – Includes applying fully-color print directly onto the corrugated board or many other substrates. This is a cost-effective process that is great for relatively short runs and samples.


    Litho Printing Press - Display and Package Printing

  4. Manufacturing



    We have over 1.2 million square feet across five locations dedicated to manufacturing your point of purchase displays and retail packaging. Our machines handle many materials, including corrugated, solid fiber (SBS), foam core, and more. Because we own our own corrugator, we are able to tightly control costs and produce displays and packaging more quickly than the competition.


    Cardboard Display Manufacturer

  5. Distribution



    Where our competition’s services end, Creative Displays Now keeps rolling. Our distribution services range from simple hand packing of product to complex display assembly and product distribution via truck or air. Our centrally located assembly facility in Minneapolis, MN, serves as an ideal point of distribution throughout the United States and Canada.


    Display Assembly and Distribution