Our Process


Any custom designed display starts with an idea. From there, our experienced store display designers can take your vision and run with it. Our in-house structural design team brings exceptional expertise and impeccable standards to each project in order to craft unique retail packaging and custom displays. With work that’s regularly featured in some of the biggest retail stores, our team’s reputation speaks for itself. If you want to design a custom display for your products, our talented team provides a creative place to begin.

Cardboard Display Design


Once the concept has been designed, it’s time to begin bringing it to life. We offer visual prototype services that allow clients to see their customized displays before we begin manufacturing. With full-colored and tangible prototypes, you can sign off on every detail of your unique display before finalizing the order. If you need to make any adjustments to your retail store display prototype, just let our team of store display designers know, and we’ll handle your requests promptly.

Display Prototype


Creative Displays Now provides premium custom printing capabilities for a sleek, professional look. Our printing is done in-house so we can maintain control over the project’s timeline and deliver your displays exactly when you need them.

We use advanced printing technology to achieve your desired look and quality. Our capabilities include lithography, flexography and digital printing, and each offers a unique selection of finishes and colors. Our in-house, G7 qualified prepress team leads the industry in color knowledge. The printing stage of our process is particularly important for clients who will be incorporating logos, signature colors and other branding into their custom displays. Precise and vibrant printing will represent the high quality of your products.

Litho Printing Press - Display and Package Printing


Once all prototypes have been approved and printed, it’s time to manufacture your custom cardboard displays. All manufacturing is done in the United States at our centrally-located facility in Minneapolis, MN. Our machines are built to handle a range of packaging materials, giving us unmatched control over both the cost and timeline of each project. As a result, Creative Displays Now has an on-time percentage of over 99%.Cardboard Display Manufacturer


To offer the highest quality of service in the business, we take care of your display distribution. During this last stage of the process, our team assembles the displays, packs them by hand and sends them to you by truck or air. With a central location in the Midwest, we’re able to distribute products quickly and efficiently from coast to coast across North America.Display Assembly and Distribution

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With decades of in-house structural design experience under our belt, Creative Displays Now is here to deliver excellent results for your company. Our team is dedicated to the finest details for the highest quality finished product.

Give us a call at 1-866-244-2214 to discuss your custom display design ideas and get your project underway. To learn more about pricing, request a free estimate today.