Guide to Changing and Updating Your Retail Displays

Guide to Changing and Updating Your Retail Displays

Retail displays are a fundamental part of earning sales in stores. Your products need new, eye-catching displays to encourage engagement and sales in a retail setting. Consider updating stale, outdated or ineffective displays. Learn about changing and updating your product displays to stay relevant and exciting to consumers.

What Are Retail Fixtures?

Partnering with retailers, especially big box stores, can help you foster brand awareness and increase sales. You’ll want to understand the world of retail and how you can make the most of your product displays within retail environments. First, you need to know about retail fixtures. A retail fixture is any piece of equipment or furniture retailers use to display products. Examples include the following:

How Do Retail Stores Display Products?

Retailers have found clever strategies for displaying products. Detailed floor plans help them determine the best ways to organize and arrange products. They group similar items and use signage to help customers navigate the environment. Displays cater to the customer’s senses, offering eye-catching visuals, interactive touch and even familiar scents to encourage engagement.

What Are the Four Basic Types of Displays?

While many different types of displays are available, they tend to fall into one of four categories, which include:

  1. Single-item displays: A single-item display features only one product, with nothing competing against it.
  2. Same product displays: A same-product display includes one product in different styles, sizes or colors.
  3. Similar product displays: A similar product display includes multiple versions of the same basic product.
  4. Mixed displays: A mixed display includes multiple items a customer might buy together.

Whether permanent or temporary, most product displays fall into one of these four categories, which we’ll discuss in greater detail later on in this guide. It’s essential to be familiar with the various types of displays available and the different things they can help you achieve.

What Is It Called When You Set up Store Displays?

Setting up store displays is equal parts science and art. It’s one aspect of visual merchandising, which describes the process of showing off products to encourage sales. In retail environments, appearance is everything. Stores have to optimize lighting, color, shape and texture to produce an enriched and branded customer experience. Visual merchandising attracts attention, emphasizing a product’s benefits and enticing customers to make purchases. Product displays are a fundamental part of visual merchandising.

Why Are Displays Important in Stores?

You’ll find retail displays offer many different benefits. It’s a good idea to focus on improving or upgrading your displays. Here are some of the reasons retail displays are essential:

  • Branding opportunities: Retail displays offer a unique branding opportunity. You can use colors, text and textures to reaffirm your brand identity. Displays help you tell your products’ story and connect with consumers.
  • Increased awareness: Because product displays attract attention, they can help you build brand awareness. Even those who don’t make a purchase will be more likely to remember your brand in the future, which might encourage sales down the road.
  • Increased sales: Of course, the most apparent benefit of product displays is that they help companies increase product sales and revenue.

Will a New Store Layout Increase Sales?

Your product displays will also benefit your retail partners. Refreshed store layouts, with new displays, get customers in the door and through the aisles. Consumers gravitate towards fresh, timely product displays.

How Often Should Retail Displays Be Changed?

Retailers need to refresh their product displays regularly. You should be ready to present new and exciting display options for your retail partners. It’s essential to upgrade your displays often to stay fresh and relevant.

How Frequently Should You Change Your Retail Fixtures?

How often displays need to be replaced depends on many different factors. With that said, here are some of the reasons you might want to offer your retailer a new display for your products:

  • Existing displays are worn or damaged.
  • Your branding has changed — for instance, you have a new logo.
  • Displays are not optimized for new products.
  • The retailer wants to refresh the entire store, which may be due to rebranding or expansion.
  • The retail season has changed, and offerings are different.

Learn More About Updating Your Retail Displays

Keeping your retail displays updated can give you a competitive edge. Refreshed displays help you earn more sales while building brand awareness and affirming your brand image. At Creative Displays Now, we offer a wide range of fully customizable product displays, including floor, counter, shelf and signage options. Learn more about how customized retail displays can elevate your products and increase your revenue. If you have questions, feel free to give us a call at 1-866-244-2214.

In this guide, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about updating your retail displays. Learn how to create effective, fresh and exciting product displays and about some of the most common mistakes to avoid. We’re here to help you take your product displays to the next level.

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