PDQ Displays

PDQ (Products Displayed Quickly) Displays

Every square inch of a store provides an opportunity to present a product. Products displayed quickly (PDQ) are tools for capitalizing on small spaces and tight surfaces.

PDQ displays are all about speed. The small, lightweight corrugated construction makes setting up and stocking these displays easy. Stores can use PDQ displays to pack various types of small products and display them near cash registers.

Creative Displays Now manufactures custom PDQ displays for businesses in multiple industries. We are involved in every step of the process to provide clients with optimal PDQ displays for their needs.

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PDQ Display Benefits

PDQ displays from Creative Displays Now offer a unique way to capitalize on smaller spaces. Here are some of the key advantages that make our PDQ displays useful in numerous retail settings:

  • Speed: PDQ displays are quick to set up and fill, as displays will arrive ready to fold and install anywhere in minutes. They’re much faster to load and organize than traditional stocking shelves. Staff can replenish an empty display quickly and move on to the next task.
  • Size: We design PDQ displays to accommodate small spaces. Surfaces that were once empty will now work as profitable real estate.
  • Visibility: PDQ displays are most effective when they feature eye-catching colors and products. Our customization capabilities allow clients to design vibrant displays that are ideal to fit where customers will see them.
  • Branding: Smaller products are more likely to sell when customers can see what they are and how they’ll benefit from them. You can customize PDQ packaging to communicate essential product information while attracting customers with on-brand visuals.
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The Right Products for Your PDQ Display

You can use a PDQ display for nearly any small product, and most display-ready cases have space for 10 to 20 items. Fill your PDQ display with something small that your customers can grab quickly while walking by or waiting in line. We can customize PDQ displays with brand imagery and messaging, so you can choose one that catches the customer’s attention

Some of the most common and effective products to load into a PDQ display are:

  • Candy or gum
  • Trading cards
  • Beauty products
  • Travel soap or shampoo
  • Phone chargers
  • Earbuds
  • Chapstick
  • Hand sanitizer
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“I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! The POP displays arrived and look terrific. I will keep you in the loop because we want to sell them all and order more.”
– Hana J., Hair Flairs
“I opened the boxes and the kiosks look great. I know you will get extra display and packaging business out of this.”
– Diahann S., Florida Milk
“The brochure POP stands arrived this morning and they look GREAT. Thank you!”
– Sunil V., National Kidney Foundation
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Our Process

Creative Displays Now provides effective PDQ displays by maintaining a role in each step of the process. Rather than balancing communication between numerous parties, you’ll work with Creative Displays Now from start to finish. Are you ready to make the most of every inch in a retail location? PDQ displays will turn those small empty spaces into attractive displays that move products. Call us or request an estimate to get started.

  • Design and prototyping: Brainstorming ideas and creating detailed prototypes that suit the product.
  • Printing: Filling your display with stunning colors, logos and text.
  • Manufacturing: Turning the designs into a sturdy corrugated structure.
  • Distribution: Delivery by truck or air anywhere in North America.
  • Pack-out: Available if necessary.
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