Display and Packaging Pricing

How much will my displays or packaging cost?

The main determiners of costs will be quantity manufactured and the graphics required. We can better serve you with accurate quantity counts and a general idea of what we will be printing. As with all manufacturing, quantity is your friend. We have multiple printing processes that all have different costs, from 5-color litho printing to simple 1-color PMS flexo printing.

What is the minimum quantity I must order?

We don’t technically have minimums, but we do have a minimum price per production order of $2500. Custom designed displays typically need to be ordered at a minimum quantity around 200 before the upfront tooling charges can be justified.

Do you have displays or packaging in stock?

We do not inventory any displays. Each order requires a custom production setup and is manufactured to a custom order quantity.

Display and Packaging Design

My products are going into a specific retailor. Can you help me design to their standards?

We have designed displays and packaging for all the major retailers. We work with the most recent display specifications for each store so you can be confident that your display or product packaging adheres to those standards.

Lead Time

How long does it take once I place my order for displays or packaging?

Typically, lead time for unprinted displays is 2-3 working days plus transit if there is existing tooling. Allow 3-4 working days plus transit if new tooling is required. Full color displays typically require 7-9 working days plus transit. All lead times are from the point that Creative Displays Now has received structural and art approvals.


What materials are used in manufacturing the displays?

Creative Displays Now prints and manufactures all grades of corrugated materials, as well as solid fiber (also known as “SBS” or “folding carton”).

What is the difference between cardboard displays and corrugated displays?

In most cases, nothing. Cardboard is a common name for what our industry calls corrugated. Solid fiber materials like cereal boxes or software boxes are sometimes considered “cardboard” as well. Our packaging engineers will determine the appropriate materials based on your project needs.


What types of printing are available in production of the displays and packaging?

We offer three types of printing in-house: Offset litho, flexographic, and large format digital. Each type of printing has a “sweet spot” based on quantity and your overall graphic needs. We will recommend the appropriate printing process based on your project needs.


What shipping methods are available?

Available methods vary on the size and quantity of the shipment. If the size and quantity for your order allow, we offer UPS Parcel and FedEx Ground methods. We often use this method for samples. We also offer an LTL (less-than-truckload) option for oversized orders. You can also arrange your own carrier.


Will my personal information be shared with any other organizations?

We do not sell or distribute any of our customer data. View our privacy statement or terms of use for more information.