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Food Displays for Grocery Stores

When selling food products, you may put them in several types of store locations — from grocery stores to gas stations. Creative Displays Now can design and manufacture high-quality retail food displays for your items.

Food display stands match your branding and help get your products in front of customers in retail environments. These displays offer many benefits that help you reach your desired audience and sell more food merchandise. Learn more about why you should trust Creative Displays Now and the advantages of promoting your products and see examples below!

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Benefits of Food Product Displays

Working with professional designers to create custom cardboard displays comes with many advantages. In addition to having more control over the process, you can enjoy these benefits of custom displays:

  • Greater flexibility: Made primarily from recyclable corrugated cardboard, our custom displays are designed to be affordable and temporary. They typically last for several months and are easy to replace to ensure your product displays remain fresh and relevant. As campaigns, promotions and seasons change, you can refresh your displays and replace them with updated products or marketing.
  • Brand promotion: With in-house printing and structural design capabilities, Creative Displays Now can customize your displays according to your unique branding specifications. Food display bins with printed logos, colors and images are an easy and effective way to raise brand awareness.
  • Increased sales: Retail displays are a powerful way to promote your food products in a store. With vibrant print colors, creative designs and strategic placement, food display bins will draw customers’ attention to your food items and help boost your sales.
  • Tailored to any shape and size: At Creative Displays Now, we customize each food display stand to meet your specific size and shape requirements. Before manufacturing, we’ll send you a prototype to ensure it meets your exact specifications. The end result is a food product display that fits your products precisely.
  • Earth-friendly: If you’re looking for display options that are better for the environment, corrugated cardboard is the way to go. Our display products are made from 60% to 95% post-consumer waste and are 100% recyclable.

Corrugated cardboard food displays are cost-effective for those who switch campaigns often. These fully customizable stands also allow you to promote your brand and increase sales.

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Popular Food Display Ideas

Food products are sold at a wide variety of retail locations, including grocery stores, gas stations, convenience stores, corner shops, department stores and hardware supply stores. You can use many food display types — such as countertop displays, floor displays, full pallets, cardboard shelves, endcaps and display bins — to promote your packaged food items. Examples include:

  • Snacks: From pretzels and chips to jerky, string cheese, and even products like protein bars highlight your most popular snack items at the end of each aisle or by the checkout counter.
  • Candy: Specialty candy countertop displays will draw customers to your candy, gum and mint products, making for a convenient point of purchase sale.
  • Produce: Corrugated produce display bins are an excellent way to organize and highlight your seasonal produce. Often used in supermarkets, these displays can help you increase food sales.
  • Beverages: Drinks are another popular option for display stands. Many grocery or convenience stores are great places to promote products like energy drinks, coffee and soda.
  • Seasonal items: Depending on the time of year, you could display food merchandise specific to different seasons or holidays. Christmas-themed cookies, hot dog buns for cookouts, food for stocking stuffers and more are excellent choices for display stands.
  • Sale products: If you plan to put items on sale, consider using a display stand to draw attention to them. Customers are more likely to look at this merchandise and take advantage of the sale.
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“We think both the floor display and the counter-top displays are both functional and have a nice retail look too them. The entire process was seamless, and we hope to be re-ordering.”
– Pete S., Brand Manager, Bethel Organics, Inc.
“Your service is the best I came in contact with. The displays and shipper covers look great. I want to thank you for everything.”
– Kevin W., Calcium Products, INC.
“I opened the boxes and the kiosks look great. I know you will get extra display and packaging business out of this.”
– Diahann S., Florida Milk
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Types of Displays we Design and Manufacture

Our displays are completely customizable and come in various shapes to best present your products to potential buyers. Some of our options for your food items include:

  • Floor displays
  • Endcap displays
  • Dump bin displays
  • Counter displays
  • Sidekick displays
  • Multi-tiered displays
  • Inline displays
  • Pallet displays

Whether you intend to place your items in grocery stores, convenience stores or gas stations, selecting the right retail food display will help customers recognize your brand and purchase your products.

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Create Your Custom Cardboard Food Display Stands Today

When you use food display stands in a retail environment, you can receive many benefits, including enhanced brand awareness and increased sales. Placing products in attractive, eye-catching displays draws customers in and can convince them to buy your items.

At Creative Displays Now, we can quickly design and manufacture custom food displays that help you achieve your goals. We have G7 Master certification and offer digital, flexo and litho printing capabilities to ensure high-quality results.

Browse our samples above to see everything we can do to help you create a stunning gas station or grocery store retail display. When you’re ready, contact us online to request an estimate for custom displays!

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