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Real-World Case Studies On Our Actual Clients!

Check out our retail display case studies below.  See additional clients featured on our Success Stories blog.

Búho Cigars

Finding Effective Solutions


  • Create a unique, one-of-a-kind display capable of accommodating and showcasing a humidor bag, where the cigars are placed, in diverse retail environments
  • Develop a display that would appeal to customers with a compact and elegant feel

What We Did

  • Used a bold yellow shelving area to showcase the travel bag humidor packages while other areas on the display projected current marketing campaigns and logos for the company
  • Increased the opportunity for more customers for Búho by making the cigars available to shoppers outside the traditional tobacco shop environment and made them available in a wide range of retail outlets

To see more information about our project with Búho Cigars, click here.

Printed Cardboard Displays for Buho Cigars

sWheat Scoop

Fit For Mom & Pop Retail Stores


  • Give the company an improvement on their display game in smaller mom and pop retail stores and find a technique to allow shoppers to easily recognize the brand
  • Use a different method than we traditionally design for chain stores and create an efficient and eye-catching display specifically for family-run stores
  • Create a case stacker display that can fit within the pallet for easier shipping.

What We Did

  • Emphasized their brand by using their colors of yellow, orange, and red to feature and allow the build of brand recognition
  • Created 36” end cap case stackers for easy and efficient POP displays
  • Created everything in flat, one-pack kits to meet the size requirements for shipping

Learn more about our work with sWheat Scoop here.

sWheat scoop custom power wing display


Free Seasons Magazine


  • Create a unique floor display to promote their free in store magazines
  • Allow the display to be easily accessible to all customers
  • Emphasize the idea that Hy-Vee is gifting the magazines to the customers

What We Did

  • Worked under a deadline to get the final product finished that was a little tighter than normal.
  • Used a display case with options for both two and three rows so customers of all heights could easily reach the magazines
  • Used a sleek, black display case with a crisp, white display to give the display a professional look and catch the attention of customers.

To learn more about our work with Hy-Vee, click here.

Custom Magazine Display for Hy-Vee Stores


solGood Protein Bars


  • Create a structure that would make their products easy to grab for shoppers
  • Use all the available space to maximize the amount of product that can be sold
  • Make products stand out through clear branding and focus on their colorful packaging

What We Did

  • Used Sunwarrior’s colorful packaging as the main focus of the display to draw attention to the products and get the attention of shoppers
  • Included both a top and bottom shelf in our design to maximize the amount of product we could display
  • Clearly displayed the Sunwarrior logo to give customers more of a “drive by” look to see the brand and the four flavors
  • Gave Sunwarrior a process that was “prompt, clear, and concise” fitting in with their visions of the project.

Click here to learn more about our collaboration with Sunwarrior.

SunWarrior counter display example

eOn Brand™

Hand Sanitizing Spray


  • Create a pallet display to hold hand sanitizing spray to be placed in Sam’s Club
  • Work quickly as stores start opening up from COVID-19 and get a rush of customers
  • Gain the attention of shoppers and encourage the use of hand sanitizer during these times

What We Did

  • Created 450 pallet displays, 25,000 display trays and 54,000 product trays for eOn Brand™
  • Sent 3D’s and renderings to the customer and create files for them to drop artwork into
  • Worked with customers fulfillment team to shrink wrap the product into the product trays, then sent to 3 different locations
  • Other opportunities have developed for further retail-ready business projects
a pallet of bottles stacked on top of each other

O'Connor Brewing

Drink El Guapo


  • Create a display that stands out to complement their fun and interactive brand
  • Promote and show off the O’Connor Brewing brand with a social media-worthy idea
  • Emphasize their El Guapo Agave IPA by giving the display a festive theme based on the beer itself.

What We Did

  • Created an interactive display for customers to spread the word about the company
  • Focused on producing a display that was capable of handling the high customer demand
  • Showcased the product using bright colors to appeal to shoppers

Want to know more about our work with O’Connor Brewing? Click here.

Case Stacker Display

Oliver Winery & Vineyards

Sangria & Salsa Display


  • Create a display that would give customers an impression of the amazing summer day they could have with a bottle of Oliver’s Sangria
  • Increase impulse purchases with an eye-catching display
  • Construct a presentation that would perfectly compliment the quality of wine they offer

What We Did

  • Used a shape and design that could hold multiple bottles and boxes while leaving enough room on the top to place some chips and salsa to pair with the Sangria
  • Used a green shade to stand out and appeal to customers
  • Decided on a litho print to give the display a high-quality finish

To see more details about our work with Oliver Winery & Vineyards, click here.

Printed Cardboard Wine Display


Gifts That Last Forever


  • Produce a pallet display for Cutco’s participation in Costco’s Road Show program
  • Help create a display presentation that can effectively focus on the company’s knives using an eye-catching technique
  • Construct a final product that Cutco can feel confident about and find success with the approach we take to display their knives in the Costco stores
  • Create a display that will work for a wide variety of products as well as where they would have the ability of using more than once.

What We Did

  • Put emphasis on Cutco’s high-quality products by using a four-color process litho label for premium quality print
  • Kept the attention towards the products by using a simple blue and white color scheme
  • Shipped the final display flat in bulk where Cutco was able to set up and assemble the display with their products the way they pleased
  • Established quick turnaround times on prototypes and adjusted to the Cutco teams change request proficiently

To learn more about our work and partnership with Cutco, click here.

Cutco Displays in Costco

United Hardware

Digital Brews Instant Success


  • Expand from hardware products to consumables with coffee being the first product
  • Drive traffic into stores through offerings in everyday consumable goods
  • Add incremental sales for their destination retailers

What we did

  • Created an inexpensive, quick assembly, POP display
  • Manufactured on our digital press to eliminate plates and tooling
  • Designed the display to be flexible for variable size, height, and weight products


  • Display was manufactured on our digital press and digital cutting table
  • The quantity of 200 units raised incremental product sales at the targeted retailer
  • Display established a regular retailer purchase stream and eventual permanent placement of the coffee product line

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Hank's gourmet coffee display