Gravity Feed Displays

Gravity Feed Displays

Presenting products in an attractive, functional way can benefit any retail store. Gravity feed displays are the ideal fixture for stocking and displaying hard merchandise.

Gravity feed displays are sloped shelves that allow the next product in line to move to the front after a customer pulls one off the rack. Alternatively, a gravity display can hold products stacked on top of each other, and removing the bottom product causes the next to fall into place. Gravity displays look great and keep extra stock available.

At Creative Displays Now, we design, print, manufacture and distribute gravity feed displays for grocery stores, convenience stores and other retail centers across North America. Get in touch to discuss a custom gravity feed display for your business.

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Gravity Feed Display Benefits

Gravity feed displays from Creative Displays Now offer a unique way to present merchandise. We design these displays to be functional and visually appealing so your business can increase revenue and experience a range of benefits.

For one, gravity feed displays always look full. Your display will present the next available product while concealing the rest. You’ll achieve the same professional look whether the display is full or holding a single product. Plus, you can customize your setup to catch customers’ attention.

Gravity feed displays also enhance the customer’s shopping experience. Rather than reaching deep into a shelf for a product way in the back, customers can find what they need front and center. It’ll be easier for them to grab products impulsively as they pass the display.

Gravity feed displays help stores display products by their sold-by dates. Staff will fill the display one product at a time using the first-in, first-out (FIFO) method. The next available product will be the one that needs to sell soonest. Since the products are all inside the display, they’ll stay in order without disruption.

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Best Uses for Gravity Feed Displays

Gravity feed displays are ideal for presenting merchandise in rigid packaging. Products like cans, bottles and boxes will easily slide along the sloped surface when the front product leaves the display. Additionally, rigid packaging can more easily support the following products. A gravity feed display box can sit near the cash registers to attract customers on impulse or hang at the ends of aisles.

Some of the best products to place in a gravity display include:

  • Canned vegetables or fruits.
  • Soda bottles.
  • Salsa jars.
  • Candy boxes.
  • Dairy products.
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“I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! The POP displays arrived and look terrific. I will keep you in the loop because we want to sell them all and order more.”
– Hana J., Hair Flairs
“We think both the floor display and the counter-top displays are both functional and have a nice retail look too them. The entire process was seamless, and we hope to be re-ordering.”
– Pete S., Brand Manager, Bethel Organics, Inc.
“We loved all the display fixtures and have had positive feedback. It’s been a pleasure doing business, and I have appreciated your patience with my learning curve.”
– William G., Swarovski Crystal
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Build Custom Gravity Feed Displays with Creative Displays Now!

Creative Displays Now works with customers to design and manufacture stunning gravity feed displays that boost sales and facilitate a better customer experience.

We provide the best displays for our clients because we have a role in every step of the process. Whether you’re looking for a tuck top gravity feed or a gravity feed display rack, our team will work to help you design the perfect display. Then, we’ll print and manufacture the display before distributing it right to your store.

For more on our process, or to start customizing your displays, call us or request an estimate today!

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