The Difference Between Sidekick Displays and Endcap Displays

When trying to select the best product displays for your stores and inventory, you may be baffled by the many terms and definitions floating around. Though these types of displays may sound similar, in fact, there are quite a few differences between them. To avoid confusion, we’re going to clear up the meaning of a display endcap vs. sidekick displays in this post.

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What Is a Sidekick Display?

Also called a power wing or a display sidecap, a sidekick display is designed to efficiently maximize the use of store space when displaying your products.

The primary purpose of this type of display is to increase customers’ impulse purchases by placing them in highly trafficked parts of the store. Using a sidekick display can help you quickly clear out the inventory of older products or put a new product to the test. A sidekick is an effective way to see if consumers are interested in a new item by stocking it on a small scale. If the product sells, the store may consider stocking more in the future.

Usually made of cardboard, sidekick displays can have shelves to stack products or may feature feed slides that release the product in single units, like when you press down on a lever to get a fork or straw at your favorite takeout place. They can also be left open to accommodate hanging products and are sometimes attached to metal or wire baskets and panels that cradle the display as it hangs off of an aisle.

Of course, sidecap displays can also serve as stand-alone displays in the store area of your choosing. To further educate customers about a product and to encourage purchases, we suggest customizing your sidecap retail display with text, photographs and even social media hashtags.

What Is an Endcap Display?

If you’ve ever visited any retail store, you’ve seen an endcap retail display. As the name suggests, these Point-of-Purchase (POP) displays are meant to hang off the ends of aisles, making the most out of all available retail space and making your store look chock-full of inventory.

An endcap display, also called an end aisle display, can either be fastened to the end of the aisle or stand alone. As with sidecap displays, a variety of different promotions and customizable text help to boost a product’s “gotta have it” factor.

Shoppers will see these displays as they enter and exit the main aisles of the store. The products stocked in an endcap are typically related to the other items on the aisle shelves. For example, a beauty aisle might feature an endcap with a new cosmetics line from a big brand name.

An endcap’s primary goal is to spotlight a particular product or set of products to boost sales. Retail stores typically put them in busy areas where most shoppers will see the display.

Most endcaps are crafted from corrugated cardboard or steel. Their material will depend on what type of products they need to house.

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Key Differences Between Sidekick and Endcap Displays

While sidekick and endcap displays share a few similarities, there are some key differences to note before choosing one for your brand’s products.

The first distinction is their size — an endcap is larger than a sidekick. If you have bigger products or want to display higher item quantities in-store, an endcap is likely the best option.

The other major difference between these types of displays is their location. An endcap has less flexibility regarding where it can be positioned in a retail space. A sidekick display can go almost anywhere in a store, including the middle of an aisle or situated directly beside the cash register at checkout.

How Endcap and Sidekick Displays Showcase Your Products and Boost Sales

Explore the ways endcap and sidekick displays can help your business increase sales and showcase your products to new customers.

1. Attract Shoppers’ Attention

Using visually appealing POP displays is a great way to draw eyes to your products in-store. Bold designs will help your brand stand out from the competition and offer a memorable shopping experience.

The more your displays attract consumers, the more likely they will make a purchase and remember your brand in the future.

2. Generate Valuable Brand Awareness

Another way endcap and sidekick displays can boost your sales is by generating brand awareness. POP displays are an affordable and effective way to market your brand in retail spaces.

Your business can use eye-catching designs to spark intrigue about your products and make shoppers interested in what you’re offering. Brand awareness directly inspires customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

3. Serve as In-Store Advertising

While traditional advertising inspires consumers to visit a website or store, POP displays inspire on-the-spot sales. They give you the opportunity to uniquely showcase your products and make them look enticing. Your business can design its sidekick and endcap displays to educate shoppers about your brand and the benefits of your products, ultimately inspiring more in-person sales.

What Products to Show Off

When deciding what kind of items to place in POP displays, it’s best to go with affordably-priced items that are a bit smaller in size. Ideally, these are the kind of products you just “toss in” your cart at the last second. Consider running a special promotion on your POP display items, as this will make shoppers even more likely to buy.

Finally, remember to place displays as close to eye level as possible. No one wants to have to bend down or reach up to get that “must-have” item!

We hope we’ve cleared up any confusion between endcap and sidekick displays. For further explanations of industry terms and tips on how to get the most out of your custom retail displays, keep checking back with our blog.

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