What is the Difference Between a Sidekick Display and an Endcap Display?

When trying to select the best product displays for your stores and inventory, you may be baffled by the many terms and definitions floating around. Though types of displays may sound similar, in fact there are quite a few differences between them. To avoid confusion, we’re going to clear up the meaning of a display endcap vs sidekick displays in this post.

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What Display Type Do I Need?

Retail displays come in all shapes and sizes. Some types of displays are best suited for particular product categories, while others are best for specific retail environments. A spacious club store may have room for a larger setup, while a small convenience store may only allow for low-profile inline displays with smaller footprints.

After accounting for your retail partner’s requirements, you have a few more considerations. A heavier or high-turnover product will need a larger structure that’s sturdy enough to support the products. Likewise, exhibiting several items will require a display with enough room to let each product shine. Space-saving and low-profile display designs usually work best with smaller goods.

Next, you’ll want to consider the locations available within the stores where you want to showcase your products. Some displays are shaped and sized for particular retail locations. Additionally, some areas of the store are known for being particularly effective for sales because they offer high visibility and more foot traffic. To take advantage of these most coveted locations, you’ll need the correct type of display.

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How to Make Your Product Stand Out

How to Make Your Product Stand Out

If you’ve developed a new product in a popular category, it’s critical to find ways to make your product unique. You know your merchandise is precisely what your customers are looking for. The question is, how do you make sure they find it and recognize its superior value? As you prepare to introduce your offering to retailers, you must learn how to make your product stand out from competitors. It requires a careful blend of branding, communications and in-store messaging.

At Creative Displays Now, we’ve been doing just that for nearly 60 years. Here are our best tips to help your product stand out from the crowd.

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Common Mistakes in Retail Display Designs and How to Avoid Them

Some retail store business owners believe that success rests solely and firmly on product selection and price. While it is true that these factors are essential to get shoppers through your door and convince them to buy, would you believe it if we told you there’s much more to the story?

Presenting an attractive, logical, user-friendly retail display scheme helps every step of the way. Running an enticing shop means more than just putting things on shelves or racks. But how do you accomplish this? Read on to explore the top four mistakes shop owners make in retail shop display design – and more importantly, learn how you can avoid these mistakes to keep them from affecting your bottom line.

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The Importance of Speed and Quick Turnaround Time for Custom Displays

The Importance of Speed and Quick Turnaround Time for Custom Displays

In the consumer packaged goods industry, merchandising and marketing move on tight deadlines. To thrive in the retail environment, brands like yours need to develop effective point-of-purchase (POP) retail displays on a faster schedule than ever before. Getting your retail displays on-time helps you get your product to market faster. As marketing campaigns and launch dates change, companies demand tight deadlines from their custom display suppliers.

The process is accelerated if a supplier falls through. Not all suppliers can meet aggressive deadlines or provide top quality service. When that happens, you need a supplier who can swoop in and get your project done right under your urgent time requirements.

At Creative Displays Now, we deliver industry-leading speed, quality and customer service. Our customers rave:

I knew this project would be a challenging one and that I needed a great partner to help me get it accomplished. Your team did a great job of pulling this off within an impossible timeline. Please make sure that everyone knows how much Infinity Direct appreciates their efforts. They made us look good, which is the ultimate compliment. Thanks so much.

– Victoria W., Direct of Marketing, Infinity Direct

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