What Are Primary And Secondary Packaging?

In the world of branding and packaging, there’s a stark and definite difference between primary and secondary packaging. Do you know what these differences are? Are you at the point where you need to start thinking about your packaging?

Chipboard Packaging

Whether you’re launching a new product that’s almost ready to go to market, or you’re revamping and rebranding an old one, there’s no denying… packaging matters

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Potent Pairings: Sidekick and Endcap Displays

Increasing sales is an ongoing goal for any retailer, and some of the most effective methods are often the simplest ones. One great (and easy!) example of this concept is placing a featured item on an endcap display with a companion item on the adjoining sidekick. 

Don’t think you have products this will work for? We bet we can find some! Almost any retailer has some peanut butter to a jelly at least somewhere in their space. 

Here are a few ways that strategic item pairings can help your sidekick and endcap displays work harder, increasing both sales and happy customers who can get what they need quickly, easily and without having to search. 

Retail Endcap Display - Cardboard Endcap

Check out these ideal sidekick and endcap display pairs. 

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The Art of Complex Cardboard Displays

It can be easy to dismiss humble cardboard as nothing more than necessary packaging. To think of it as just something that gets the actual product to its intended destination.

But an increasing number of retailers realize the right treatment is all it takes to transform cardboard into something significantly more powerful. We’re talking cardboard displays here.

And we’ve got some good news for you: it may be easier than you think to create an attention-getting, memorable (and convenient) display for products. The branding potential is unlimited. So don’t get stuck on packaging when you’re thinking about the potential to brand. Displays are brilliant places to further brand reach and identity. 

Gift Card Display - Cardboard Retail Display

How can you best use your cardboard displays to promote your brand? Here are a few ways that complex cardboard displays can help you think outside the literal box.

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Benefits of Point-of-Sale Displays

What tends to be two of the top concerns for retailers? Whether big or small, regardless of industry or product, no matter what price point you’re at, most retailers agree on the same two issues as being most pressing when it comes to retail success: 

  • getting the most out of every square inch of space in your store
  • maximizing the potential in human buying behaviors

Luckily, you can achieve success in both areas with just one useful, creative tactic: point-of-sale (POS) displays. Point-of-sale displays allow you to best-optimize the time your customers spend while they are otherwise just standing in line, waiting for their turn to check out. 

Custom Counter Display for SugarBearHair

But still, some retailers ask: are point-of-sale displays worth it? Are they effective? We say yes! In fact, would you believe that some studies show consumers spend an average of $5,400 every year on impulse purchases?! That alone may convince you. If you’re looking for ways to maximize space and boost sales, you may want to consider using point-of-sale displays. 

Not quite sure if you’re ready to commit? Keep reading to find out the top 3 benefits of point-of-sale displays

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The Factors That Influence Purchasing Decisions in Retail Stores

There are many factors that influence purchasing decisions, and in today’s competitive retail landscape, you really can’t afford to not take advantage of knowing (and capitalizing on) those that can have a positive impact on sales. 

Retail Store Displays

What are the top factors that influence purchasing decisions for consumers today? Read on…

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