The Factors That Influence Purchasing Decisions in Retail Stores

There are many factors that influence purchasing decisions, and in today’s competitive retail landscape, you really can’t afford to not take advantage of knowing (and capitalizing on) those that can have a positive impact on sales. 

Factors that influence store purchasing decisions

What are the top factors that influence purchasing decisions for consumers today? Read on…

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Retail Display Packaging: Ways to Protect Your Products

Once your product is about to head to market, you can almost breathe that sigh of relief. Yes, we said almost. You’re very close…but not quite there yet. The R&D may be done, the testing runs complete, the deals with retail stores made, and maybe you’ve even made it through the initial packaging design stage, but there’s still that key component that can make or break your product’s success once it’s at market. 

Your retail display packaging. How will you protect, display and sell your product once it’s in stores?

Retail Display Packaging

There are many things to keep in mind when working through this process. Things like: 

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Weight 
  • How the actual product itself is packaged, if there will be packaging within the display packaging
  • How fragile the product is
  • Whether it will hang, stack or display another way

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Free Standing Cardboard Displays

Free Standing Cardboard Displays
Free standing cardboard displays are a great way to showcase your product, stand out against the competition and increase sales. Almost sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? We assure you…it’s not!

So how do you know if these selling machines are right for you and your products? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about free standing cardboard displays.

Free Standing Cardboard Displays

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Corrugated Display Manufacturers: How to Choose the Right Company?

Corrugated displays are undeniably amazing tools for selling in retail spaces. They help attract attention, set products apart from the competition, and ultimately, if they’re well-designed, can move product. 

But how do you know: 

  • If you’re ordering a “good” display? 
  • If you’re getting what you pay for? 
  • If you’re selecting something that will last, with on-brand colors and quality imagery? 
  • If you’re going to end up with something that’s sturdy and durable and will protect your products?

Corrugated Display Company

First and foremost, you need to make sure you’re working with reputable corrugated display manufacturers. We understand…finding corrugated display companies who produce high-quality, premium displays can be tricky. That’s why we put together this list, to help you find a display company that’s known for their craftsmanship and quality work. So before you order your first (or next) display, be sure the display company you’re partnering with holds the same values and pride in their work that you do in yours.

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Quench Your Thirst with Beer Displays

Whether it is for gatherings during the upcoming holiday season, or just a weekly Sunday Funday neighborhood event, many occasions call for a trip to the frosty aisle of a favorite local liquor store or beer aisle in a market. 

With all of these food-and-beverage-friendly occasions coming in the near future – all of which will encourage beer sales – now is a prime time to up the display game for your frosty beverages.

Beer Display

As a beverage supplier, your number one goal is to not only figure out how to grab the attention of consumers and make your brand both noteworthy and noticeable, but also to entice retailers to want to give you prime real estate space on their floor to showcase your product. 

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