What Is Prepress?

The prepress process refers to everything taking place before we print your display. We fine-tune the artwork and make necessary adjustments and formatting to deliver your desired results. The details we consider include page layout, typesetting, color and more.

Our G7-qualified team uses a specific machine calibration, grayscale and color tone. Having a G7 Master Qualification means we produce the highest standard of color control and accuracy in graphics offered throughout the industry.

Prepress and Printing Turnaround Times

Creative Displays Now! provides fast response times to gather information about your design and start printing. Having our prepress team in-house allows for the fastest response and turn-time in the industry. After we receive structural and art approvals, the lead times for full-color displays typically require seven to nine business days plus transit. Our in-house Midwest manufacturing location allows for fast shipping anywhere in the United States.

We offer some FexEx Ground and UPS Parcel shipping methods, depending on the size and quantity of your order. For oversized orders, we offer a less-than-truckload (LTL) option. If desired, you can arrange your means of delivery with a carrier.

Types of Printing

With advanced technology, we offer multiple print methods to match your display requirements. We produce precise, vibrant printing to perfect your brand’s logo, signature colors and other branding. The kinds of printing processes we offer include:

  • Lithography: This method uses a metal plate or flat stone to apply ink to images with a chemical reaction. The nonimage areas include ink-repellant.
  • Flexography: This type of printing involves a relief plate using a high-speed rotary function to transfer dyes and inks on almost any display material like cardboard, paper and more.
  • Digital printing: The option for transferring digital images onto various materials uses large-format and high-volume laser or inkjet printers.

Display and Package Printing

Benefits From Choosing Creative Displays Now! for Printing

As an in-house service, Creative Displays Now! applies a collaborative process from the inspiration to the distribution of your printed displays. Doing everything from one place allows us to communicate effectively between stages. Some advantages of our services include:

  • Quality colors and imaging: A team of professionals ensures your products’ displays represent your brand.
  • Diverse print capabilities: The different types of printing we offer serve various ideas for displays and allow price options for your budget.
  • Fast response times: Our team delivers quick customer service to answer your questions and provide insight as needed.

Contact Us for Your Prepress and Printing

Ready to order custom prints? Trust Creative Displays Now for high-quality prepress and printing services. We’ll ensure your visions match the printing so you’re happy with what you put in stores.

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