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Electronics Display for Technology Merchandise

Creative Displays Now has worked with brands such as Logitech, Nintendo and Lexmark to display electronics in retail environments. We have experience producing temporary, corrugated displays that help you sell more products, from video games to batteries. Our pack-out capabilities provide an end-to-end solution to get your electronics to the store.

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The Benefits of Electronics Displays

In one 2021 survey, 46% of consumers said they prefer in-store shopping to buying products online, and displays are essential for the overall experience. There are many benefits to using electronics displays to market your devices.

  • Increased bottom line: Our eye-catching temporary and corrugated cardboard displays encourage your consumers to get up close with your electronics and get familiar with your brand name to keep them coming back.
  • Increased understanding: Customize displays to educate consumers on the products you’re selling. This way, consumers learn how the electronic device can suit their needs and are more likely to purchase it.
  • Enticing and convenient: Research shows that 61% of consumers feel good about their shopping experience when they can find products quickly. Electronics displays help consumers find the devices they need to make immediate purchases.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: Customers will be more likely to purchase products that are on well-designed fixtures. With our clean and practical displays, customers will associate positive feelings with your products and be more likely to make a purchase.
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Products Best Suited for Displays

All electronic devices can benefit from in-store technology displays. However, displays can help promote newer products such as current video games and electronics like phones, speakers and computers.

When you’re deciding on the electronic devices you’d like to showcase, consider that we’ve designed pallet, endcap and floor installations for devices such as:

  • Hardware tools
  • Solar generators
  • TV remotes
  • Headphones

We’ll determine the best type of display for your specific electronic devices, then design and manufacture your installation in-house for the best marketing results.

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“I think the corrugated displays are great! Everything from order to completion was very easy and straight forward. I will make sure to share your contact information with my team for any of their projects along with a recommendation of a great experience!”
– Ashley D., RadioShack
“Your team did a wonderful job helping us with this project…I look forward to being able to work on other POP / corrugate jobs with you in the future.”
– David K., Rosetta Stone
“Thanks for the images and more so your attention to our needs. I look forward to using Creative Displays Now again for our future project needs.”
– Michael L., RadioShack
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Work With Creative Displays Now for a Custom Corrugated Electronics Display 

Work with our design and packaging consultants at Creative Displays Now to create a display that matches your needs. We’ll communicate with you every step of the way to enhance your electronics and draw consumers to your brand. Our process includes the following steps. Trust Creative Displays Now to deliver high-quality, temporary displays for all your electronics! For more information, give us a call today or request an estimate online!

  • Designing: Our structural designers create functional merchandising displays to withstand retail rigors. Each display is unique and customized to your product and brand needs.
  • Prototyping: As soon as we create your design, you’ll get to interact with a visual prototype to communicate any adjustments to our design team before you finalize the project.
  • Printing: Our in-house printing ensures tight control over the project’s timeline, so your sleek and polished display is ready when you need it.
  • Manufacturing: Our machines handle a range of materials and ensure an on-time percentage of over 99%.
  • Distribution: Once we’ve manufactured your display, we’ll take care of packaging and timely shipping.
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