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Home Improvement Displays for Hardware Stores

Work with Creative Displays Now to draw more attention to your products in hardware and home improvement stores. From tools to garden supplies, rely on our structural designers to create the perfect displays to promote your items. Our team has the most recent display requirements for most major retailers, so your project can hit the ground running.

Check out some of our work in stores such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, Menards, Ace Hardware, and True Value in the gallery below. You can also view our category dedicated to Hardware Displays.

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Benefits of Custom Creative Hardware Store Displays

Why choose custom cardboard displays from Creative Displays Now? Beyond providing you with flexibility to easily refresh your displays on a seasonal rotation, our custom displays offer several unique benefits, including:

  • Increased brand awareness: At Creative Displays Now, you can customize displays with your brand, logo, signature colors and more. These displays can be placed at various points in a hardware store to draw consumers, promote specific products and boost your brand awareness.
  • Versatile display options: Custom displays allow you to present any size, shape or style of hardware product. Along with adding logos or branding, you can adjust the design of each display to best fit your needs. From unique hexagon bin floor displays to custom merchandising displays of all sizes, we can tailor each piece for a professional and precision fit.
  • Efficient customer guidance: Customers often come to a hardware store seeking a quick and reliable solution. They may be getting ready to start a home improvement job or seeking a solution mid-project. Custom hardware displays can help customers navigate a store quickly while maximizing your merchandising potential.
  • Attention for featured products: Custom displays are a visually appealing way to draw customers to a particular product. They serve the dual purpose of promoting your items while enhancing the shopping experience. Hardware retail display signage and bins can be used to organize your products in a presentable, professional manner that will grab customers’ attention.
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Custom Displays to Feature Premium Hardware Items

Hardware and retail store displays are an attention-grabbing, effective way to promote your products to customers. With a wide variety of choices, from small retail blister packs to large hardware pallet displays, you can choose to feature virtually any product. Hardware store display examples include:

  • Seasonal items: Custom cardboard displays are perfect for a temporary setup. You may want to highlight specific items based around the seasons and swap displays throughout the year. Custom displays are an effective way to promote items like bug spray, weather-specific equipment for yards or decks, plant supplies, swimming pool chemicals and more.
  • New items: If you have a new item that you expect will be popular, attract customers to it with a creative custom display.
  • Popular products: Feature your bestselling, go-to items so customers know exactly where to go.
  • Aisle-specific items: Custom displays can be used to indicate what customers can expect from a specific aisle. For example, you can promote a featured fishing pole to highlight an aisle with fishing and hunting supplies.
  • Promotions and deals: Display your promotions and temporary deals with attention-grabbing banners, pallets and case stackers.

At Creative Displays Now, we customize every display to promote your items, and we’ll adapt your displays to best suit the featured products. Whether you plan to promote a classic hardware bestseller or a new and trendy product on the market, hardware store display bins give you the ultimate flexibility.

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“What a quality product. The outer shipping cartons were heavy duty & secured correctly, so I don’t anticipate any damage en-route to sales reps. The printing is excellent, it took me literally 15 seconds to fold up into final shape.”
– Mike C., DuPont
“Our client loved the standees. We are going to do 1,000 more in the very near future. Thanks for everything you and your team did to pull this together.”
– Jim H., Baldwin Press
“We loved all the display fixtures and have had positive feedback. It’s been a pleasure doing business, and I have appreciated your patience with my learning curve.”
– William G., Swarovski Crystal
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Home Improvement Displays for Hardware Stores

Check out some of our work in stores such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, Menards, Ace Hardware, and True Value in the gallery below. You can also view our category dedicated to Hardware Displays. Interested in creating your own custom hardware displays? Call our team of retail display experts or contact us today to receive a quote.

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