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Nutrition Displays for Health Products and Supplements

Temporary corrugated displays provide a valuable way for retail stores to promote their health products and increase revenue. Between floor, shelf and countertop displays, retailers can strategically promote nutrition supplements and medicine in high traffic areas throughout the store. Draw customers’ attention and help them navigate your store with unique custom designs and structures.

Check out some of the corrugated packaging and displays that we have done for pharmaceutical products, nutritional supplements, and other health-related products. Partner with Creative Displays Now to design and manufacture the perfect display for your health products.

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Custom multi-tiered displays for nutritional and health products
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Benefits of Nutrition and Supplement Displays

Custom corrugated vitamin and nutrition displays are an ideal lightweight structure to incorporate in your store. Structures can come in all sizes and styles, including countertop displays, shelf displays, tiered floor displays and retail blister packs. Their versatility makes custom vitamin displays a convenient and cost-effective display choice for retailers. Cardboard displays feature recyclable materials that are eco-friendly and easy to update with the latest products or promotions.

You can use nutrition displays to:

  • Promote health-related products at strategic point of purchase (POP) locations in your retail store
  • Create an eye-catching display to draw customers’ attention
  • Increase your brand awareness through custom designs, messaging and imagery
  • Encourage impulse purchases
  • Easily guide consumers to health-related aisles in your store
  • Highlight related merchandise, such as tying in a food display for nutrition month awareness
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Work With Creative Displays Now

At Creative Displays Now, we strive to be an exceptional specialty packaging and display partner. We have almost 60 years of experience providing custom display solutions for retail stores of all kinds, from local start-ups to nationally-known names.

Thanks to decades spent in the industry, we have a long-lasting familiarity with the requirements and needs of retail businesses. We offer unmatched expertise, reliably quick turnaround times and sustainable solutions for your sales revenue.

In-House Production

Our in-house team makes our consistent high quality and 99% on-time record possible. Each step of our process takes place under one roof in Minneapolis, MN. This allows our team to maintain control over everything, from concept and design to manufacturing and distribution. Our location also includes advanced technology and enhanced print capabilities, ensuring we will not outsource any part of your project.

Flexible Customization

Our team of structural designers welcomes your input. We can customize each nutrition supplement display to meet your store’s needs and bring your supplement display ideas to life. From the structure and size to messaging, color and imagery, we can help you create a one-of-a-kind display. Thanks to our custom options, you can use nutrition displays as effective marketing tools for any health product of your choice.

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“Your service is the best I came in contact with. The displays and shipper covers look great. I want to thank you for everything.”
– Kevin W., Calcium Products, INC.
“Our client loved the standees. We are going to do 1,000 more in the very near future. Thanks for everything you and your team did to pull this together.”
– Pete S., Brand Manager, Bethel Organics, Inc.
“I opened the boxes and the kiosks look great. I know you will get extra display and packaging business out of this.”
– Diahann S., Florida Milk
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Bring Your Nutrition Display Ideas to Life Today

Whether you’re envisioning a convenient countertop POP display or a captivating floor stand, Creative Displays Now can help you create bold, branded retail solutions for supplements. Our display stands are designed to be temporary, allowing you to swap them out sustainably at an affordable rate. Bring us your nutrition display ideas ideas, and we’ll produce the unique kind of display that you’re after. Get a free estimate for your custom nutritional supplement display today!

If you have any questions about our displays or process, feel free to give our team a call.

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