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Dollar Store / Value Store Displays

Dollar stores and value stores offer great deals, and they’re the perfect opportunity to showcase products with custom displays. While many people go to these stores looking for particular items, they’re the ideal location to sell impulse buys because people tend to browse for deals while they’re there.

If you’re partnered with a dollar store or value store, product displays are important. They catch consumers’ attention and give information about your product and company. Utilizing these displays to their best potential can result in more sales and better brand awareness. Whether you’re using small Dollar General register displays or large Dollar Tree pallets, make sure they look great.

Keep reading to learn more about how custom discount store displays from Creative Displays Now can elevate your products and increase sales.

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Benefits of Custom Displays

There are many benefits to using custom displays to advertise your products in dollar stores and values stores. With some of the most competitive pricing, you want to make sure your items stand out from similar products in these stores with eye-catching displays. The major benefits of creative product displays are that they:

1. Emphasize Your Strengths

What problems do your products solve for your consumers? What does your company do better than everyone else? These are the questions you can answer on your product display packaging to highlight your strengths. When purchasing a new product, customers want to know how it will benefit them. Prove their purchase will be worth it by clearly stating your strengths on your custom store displays.

Depending on your target audience, you can focus on certain strengths over others. For example, at a value store, you can highlight the quality-for-value of your products so customers know they’re buying a quality product for a great price.

2. Build Brand Recognition

Product displays can build brand recognition, especially when they showcase designs optimized for maximum recognition. Big chocolate and candy brands are a perfect example of how design can build consumer’s brand awareness. If you see an orange package with yellow text in the candy aisle, it’s bound to be a Reese’s product. Similarly, Skittles has such an effective branding campaign that people will always recognize a red bag with a rainbow on it.

Ensure you’re building brand awareness in all your promotional products, including with dollar and value store displays. Utilize the most recognizable colors, images and phrasing to instill brand awareness in everyone who sees it.

3. Target the Right Audience Every Time

While digital marketing platforms have made great strides in targeting ads to consumers, that doesn’t mean print marketing must be flat and lifeless. With custom displays, you can make a connection with your consumer by predicting what they need.

When you’re able to successfully target a certain group or demographic, you can craft custom messaging that will appeal to their interests. A granola bar company might display its products in a big city as a great go-to snack for busy professionals on the run. Alternatively, their display cases in more remote areas might make associations with camping or hiking.

By customizing the messaging on your product displays, you can effectively target your audience and generate more sales.

4. Promote Your Values

Custom product displays in dollar and value stores can also promote your brand values. In a recent study, 62% of consumers listed a company’s ethical values and authenticity as a deciding factor in their purchasing decisions. Product displays might be a consumer’s first interaction with your company, so put your best foot forward by highlighting your company’s values.

If you have a unique culture or vision for the world, incorporate that into your product display design. Maybe you dedicate a percentage of your proceeds from this product to charitable or activist causes, or you promise to give back to the community or environment in some way when consumers make a purchase. Promoting these values will connect you to consumers who believe in your mission.

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The Best Products for Custom Displays

Keeping in mind that your retail store partner may have specific requirements regarding temporary displays, you still have a lot of choices ahead of you. When deciding the best products for your custom store displays, remember that different products work best in certain displays. There are many types of displays to choose from, including:

  • Counter displays
  • Pallet displays
  • End cap displays
  • Display bins and case stackers
  • Inline displays
  • Counter shipper displays

Large Displays

For heavy, discounted and fast-selling products, a large display is your best choice. Big displays can fit more products in them, so they’re perfect for those best-selling items that are sure to fly off the shelves. Heavy items also need displays, so having a large display means they’ll have plenty of support. Pallet displays and larger floor displays like dump bins are two examples of large displays perfect for fast-selling, discounted or heavy items.

Medium Displays

Medium displays are great for their versatility. They can stand alone on the floor or fit in the aisles, and they’re perfect for a wide range of products. For end cap displays, often placed in competitive locations, try to highlight new items, bestsellers and other featured products. Display bins and case stackers can hold rectangular, easily stackable items such as beverages. If your retail partner doesn’t have room for large cardboard displays, medium-size bins and cases are the perfect choices.

Small Displays

For smaller items, counter displayscounter shipper displays and inline displays are great options. You can fit these items in the highly competitive location by the register or in prime spots in the aisles. Candy, cosmetics, snacks and batteries are examples of great products to use for small displays. Even though these displays don’t hold as much as the large ones, having them near the register can increase impulse buys and brand awareness.

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Create Your Custom Displays With Creative Displays Now!

With almost 60 years in the display and packaging business, Creative Displays Now offers superior service and support. We can design and create custom dollar store displays so your products fly off the shelves faster than ever before. When you work with us, you can benefit from our in-house structural design team, extensive retail knowledge and superior printing capabilities.

We work with materials that are 100% recyclable and made of 60-95% post-consumer waste, so you can feel confident our products won’t increase your carbon footprint. Our high-quality construction and fast turnaround on designs mean we have the best service in the industry.

Having effective point-of-purchase displays gets your products noticed and increases sales, which is especially important at stores with lower price points. Contact Creative Displays Now to get an estimate on custom displays for your dollar and value store products. To talk directly to our team of retail display experts, give us a call today.

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