Getting to Know Your Retail Customer with Creative Displays

Are you ready to design a custom retail display for your merchandise? Creating a display is an exciting step for your company and customers. If you’re just starting to sell your products in a store, there’s even more reason to celebrate. Your display can pull customers’ eyes to your products and urge them to learn more, even if your brand is entirely new to them.

But, to appeal to your customers, it takes more than creating an attractive presentation. You need to understand your target customer to create a powerful retail display that connects with your audience.

Why Is It Important to Connect With Customers in Retail?

When customers feel emotionally connected to your brand, they are more likely to choose your product over competitors’ items, and they are also more apt to rebuy your merchandise. Emotions are the main reason customers prefer a particular brand, and they drive shoppers’ decisions to buy something. This idea applies to all types of products, whether you sell pet food or energy drinks.

According to Harvard Business Review, 10 emotional motivators significantly affect consumer behavior. This includes a desire to feel a sense of belonging, stand out from a crowd or protect the environment. Emotionally connected customers are more than 50% more valuable than those who are merely satisfied. These customers are the ones who will buy more of your products, pay attention to your brand and recommend your company to others.

It takes work to connect with shoppers on an emotional level, especially since emotional motivators are not the same for all customer segments. It’s best to learn about your target audience’s wants and needs first, so you know how to speak to them and create a bond. Your retail display can be a part of your marketing strategy and a way to inspire target customers to buy your products.

What Will I Learn in This Guide?

To paint a clear picture of your customers and design an impactful display, you need to research. You want to learn about your target customer’s life stage and demographics and how you can use design elements, like color and display height, to influence their behavior. In this guide, we’ll help you gain a better understanding of your retail customers by covering topics such as:

  • The customer life cycle
  • How to choose a retail display height
  • How color affects consumer behavior
  • The importance of demographics in retail
  • The benefits of retail displays and how they help customers shop

If you’re ready to make your display or need help creating a customer-focused design, let us know at Creative Displays Now. We have decades of experience designing and manufacturing eye-catching displays and helping brands reach their target audience.

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