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Temporary corrugated cardboard counter displays are an ideal way to roll out your product in a cost-effective way. Our lightweight temporary cardboard counter top displays are ideal for POS (point of sale) opportunities in most retail locations. Counter display racks can be designed to hold any product you want to launch into any grocery, pharmacy, or convenience store environment. We have multiple substrates from which to choose to ensure we are creating a marketing vehicle that will be structurally sound and cost effective. Let us help you design the perfect in-store POP cardboard counter display stands for your products.

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Custom Displays

All displays are custom designed and manufactured - we don’t sell stock displays.

everything under one roof

Everything Under
One Roof

Prototyping, design, printing, manufacturing and distribution all completed in-house.

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Because everything is under one roof, we are the fastest in the business (over 99% on-time).

60 years of experience

60 Years of Experience

We know what works at retail, including understanding store specs at major retailers.

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“Got the displays and put some of them together. Thanks so much. This is a great product!”

– Jodi G., Director, GreatSchools Milwaukee

“I wanted to thank you again for all your hard work pulling together pieces of our campaign. Looking forward to working with you both in the future!”

– Becky B., Travel South USA

“The displays look great! I appreciate your patience through the design process. We are very pleased with your customer service and the finished product.”

– Justin, Butler Maps

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Why Choose a Custom Cardboard Counter Display?

Cardboard counter display stands (also called tabletop displays) are often small, colorful and positioned near checkout areas to effectively advertise featured products and increase sales. By displaying your products to customers as they’re checking out, they are more likely to impulsively add a product to their purchase.

Here are three specific ways a custom counter display can benefit your business:

Increase Your Sales Potential

You need customers to see your products to purchase them. The best way to get items in the front and center of your customers’ eyes is to display them in high traffic areas throughout retail stores. While people may not explore every aisle, you can ensure that every customer will cycle through the checkout counters by the end of their visit.

Counters are also particularly effective advertising locations because customers are often waiting in line. Your captive audience may browse or look at any counter displays in their sight. Placing custom, colorfully designed displays will help you advertise new products or highlight special promotions, encouraging customers to purchase these items.

Draw Customers’ Attention

Creative Displays Now ensures that custom cardboard counter displays pop. With vibrant colors, printed graphics and quality corrugated board, a counter display will capture potential customers’ attention. Warm, tactile cardboard is easier to use and more inviting than hard plastic or metal. This makes countertop products — such as snacks or candies — approachable and appealing.

Increase Your Brand Awareness

You can’t understate the importance of brand awareness. As a retail business, it’s important to take advantage of every opportunity to promote your brand, increase your credibility and draw loyal customers. Custom cardboard countertop merchandise displays offer a subtle and affordable way to do so.

Display your retail products at counters and checkpoints to maximize the potential of customers seeing your branding, logo and company name. As they become more familiar and comfortable with your brand, you’ll likely see repeat customers and increased sales.

Working With Creative Displays Now

With a team of more than 60 structural designers and almost 60 years of industry experience, Creative Displays Now offers unmatched specialty packaging and display expertise. Every stage of production, from design and distribution, happens under one roof so that we can offer our customers top-notch speed and quality.

Plus, our in-house process gives us ultimate control over each project’s materials, standards and timeline. Our commitment to excellence has led to a 99% on-time record, allowing our customers to keep rolling out new marketing displays.

When you work with Creative Displays Now, you can also count on fully tailored packaging. Simply give us your specifications and creative vision, and we’ll make it happen. From display sizes and shapes to your unique branding, colors and prints, our team can produce the retail counter display you need. Attention-grabbing corrugated counter displays — as well as floor displays, bin displays, counter stackers, ballot boxes and more — are just an order away.

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