Why Create a Prototype?

Checking your work helps your company save time and money by getting things right the first time. No matter how excellent concepts and drawings look, a real-life example allows you to confirm or change your choices.

Some advantages to investing in visual prototype services include:

  • Confirming requirements: A physical copy proves that your design meets visual and performance standards.
  • Reviewing with your company: A hands-on sample allows your staff to discuss factors like function, strength and assembly.
  • Narrow down your choices: Creating several examples lets you evaluate how different marketing strategies look before committing to one.

Our Prototyping Process

At Creative Displays Now, we can provide clients with a physical structure of their design before moving on to the manufacturing process. Depending on your company’s request, the retail store display prototypes include corrugated packaging, point of purchase displays, bin displays, product stands, store signage and more.

Our graphics and production knowledge ensure the samples accurately depict the digital design. Our designers handle requests promptly if you want to make adjustments before signing off. A speedy creation and delivery of cardboard display prototypes get your items in stores sooner.

When you’ve approved each display detail, our all-in-one approach moves on to prepress, manufacturing, assembly, distribution and pack-out stages as needed. Getting everything done with our in-house team provides quality with an effective method of communication and a fast transition between stages.

Benefits of Choosing Creative Display Now! for Prototyping

A few factors set Creative Displays Now! apart from other in-house design teams. Our location in the upper Midwest allows us to provide speedy deliveries throughout the United States. Our team of experts serves small to large businesses in any industry.

Choose us for:

  • Color control and accuracy: We passed the G7 Master Qualification in our lithographic prepress and pressroom, allowing us to provide you best product possible.
  • Sustainable materials: Our primary corrugated cardboard material is 100% recyclable and made from 60-95% post-consumer waste.
  • Reliable scheduling: We meet your expectations with an impressive record — we deliver over 99% of our services on time.
  • Excellent customer service: Our designers prioritize handling your requests promptly, and our packaging and display consultants offer availability to get your product information and discuss ideas or solutions.

Contact Creative Displays Now! for Your Next Display Project

When you need a retail store display prototype, Creative Displays Now! is your solution. Our print capabilities include digital, flexo and litho printing under one roof. Trust us for fast and high-quality services.

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