Power Wing / Sidekick Displays

Sidekick Power Wing Retail Display

Cardboard Sidekick Displays and Power Wing Displays

Creative Displays Now can help design your power wing display, also called sidekick displays, and enable you to increase your product sell-through at the retail level. Our power wings / sidekicks are designed to hang on the sides of an end cap display or fixture. Most of these retail POP displays ship pre-packed for quick setup. Many retailers have hardware to house pre-packed sidekicks from manufacturers–our design center has access to their dimensions and requirements. Some sidekicks / power wing displays ship with a temporary base that allows a retailer to use the display as a floor stand. Increase your product sell-through by letting us help you design the perfect power wing / sidekick display solution.

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Power Wing / Sidekick Displays Examples

Retail Display Packaging
Custom Printed Power Wing Display
Power Wing Display
Custom Power Wing Display
Cardboard Power Wing Display
Corrugated Power Wing Display
Sidekick Display
Cardboard Sidekick Display
Cardboard Power Wing Display
Printed Power Wing Display
Magazine Power Wing Display

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