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Cardboard Sidekick Displays and Power Wing Displays

Creative Displays Now can help design your power wing display, also called sidekick displays, and enable you to increase your product sell-through at the retail level.

Our power wings/sidekicks are designed to hang on the sides of an end cap display or fixture. Most of these retail point of purchase (POP) displays ship pre-packed for quick setup. Many retailers have the hardware to house pre-packed sidekicks from manufacturers–our design center has access to their dimensions and requirements. Some sidekicks/power wing displays ship with a temporary base that allows a retailer to use the display as a floor stand.

Increase your product sell-through by letting us help you design the perfect power wing/sidekick display solution.

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Custom Displays

All displays are custom designed and manufactured - we don’t sell stock displays.

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Prototyping, design, printing, manufacturing and distribution all completed in-house.


Because everything is under one roof, we are the fastest in the business (over 99% on-time).

60 Years of Experience

We know what works at retail, including understanding store specs at major retailers.

Power Wing / Sidekick Displays Examples

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“Got the displays and put some of them together. Thanks so much. This is a great product!”

– Jodi G., Director, GreatSchools Milwaukee

“Your service is the best I came in contact with. The displays and shipper covers look great. I want to thank you for everything.”

– Kevin W., Calcium Products, INC.

“Your team did a wonderful job helping us with this project…I look forward to being able to work on other POP / corrugate jobs with you in the future.”

– David K., Rosetta Stone

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Custom Power Wing and Sidekick Displays

Creative Displays Now offers more than one kind of power wing display for retailers. Our POP power wing and sidekick display options include popular types such as:

  • Corrugated cardboard displays: This display type features recyclable corrugated cardboard and is easy to set up, move and replace. Customize and place your cardboard displays near POP locations to advertise specific products.
  • Custom printed cardboard: With premium color printing and precise images, custom cardboard displays are a visually appealing way to promote your brand and products.
  • Magazine power wing display: Advertise books and magazines with a custom power wing display. These sidekick displays seamlessly fit magazines and are perfect for checkout counters where customers waiting in line will have time to browse.

Power wings are one of the most effective ways to drive incremental sales, as they provide a secondary location for products outside of the aisle. When you place them in a high traffic area, they can drive impulse purchases and increase brand awareness. Update your power wings and sidekicks regularly to promote new products, advertise your current promotions and reflect seasonally relevant items for maximum impact.

Because of their flexible design, you can easily attach power wings and sidekicks to existing shelving and endcap displays. Often hung at eye-level, these displays help advertise new products and entice customers to consider products they weren’t actively searching for.

Why Work With Creative Displays Now?

Creative Displays Now offers a customized in-house design experience like none other. Our team helps you create your sidekick display from scratch, infusing your own brand and products into each display. Our entire process takes place under one roof, allowing us to control the quality and speed of every step. From design and prototyping through printing, manufacturing and delivery, our in-house production means you can always count on us for excellent results — our 99% on-time record speaks for itself.

In addition to a streamlined process, we offer unique customization options, including graphics, logos, colors and sizes. We have several in-house printing capabilities that allow us to specialize in large orders, multiple colors and photo-quality prints. If you’re not sure what you need, our team of more than 60 structural designers can help guide you through the process.

Creative Displays Now places a premium on sustainability. Each of our cardboard power wing displays features 100% recyclable materials made primarily from post-consumer waste. Designed for temporary use, you can swap your displays out to reflect seasonal changes or the latest promotions and products in an eco-friendly manner.

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Custom-make your cardboard sidekick display for a one-of-a-kind look today. Our team of structural designers can help you create a display to help you advertise your products and encourage sales. Get a free estimate online or contact us with any questions. You can also reach us via phone call at 1-866-244-2214!

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