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Creative Displays Now strives to help you design a pallet retail display configuration that will work for any retailer. Every retailer is different, and we can help you build pallet store displays that effectively show off your products and merchandise anywhere.

Whether you are looking for simple corrugated cardboard “pallet skirts” or custom retail pallet displays consisting of merchandiser trays and interior support structures, Creative Displays Now can help. We can even create the shipping materials and ship your product with its custom cardboard pallet display straight from our fulfillment center. Keep reading to learn more!

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Types of Retail Pallet Displays

Creative Displays Now can produce a range of pallet store displays designed to promote large quantities of your products. By incorporating a few different pallet styles around retail stores, you can maximize the display’s benefits while maintaining a fresh and dynamic look.

For example, you might place one pallet display near the entrance to the store, one close to other related products in the store and one close to the cash registers. This way, people entering the store, shopping for something specific or about to check out will see your merchandise.

Some of our popular pallet display types include:

  • Corrugated pallet displays: Corrugated pallet displays are made from 100% recycled cardboard. They are sturdy while remaining lightweight, so you can display large amounts of products but still make frequent swaps to highlight new products or promotions.
  • Corrugated pallet skirts: Pallet skirts are often brightly colored and branded, making them an attention-grabbing way to decorate your displays. Maximize space by adding messaging and images that will encourage customers to stop, browse and ultimately buy your products.
  • Large retail displays: Thanks to their size and strategic location, customers can’t miss large retail displays. With custom pallet display design and premium printing, these display stands will grab customers’ attention and encourage them to explore your products.
  • Half-pallet display: Otherwise known as a dump bin display, these pallet display stands can be placed on the floor to hold a large number of items. They often feature discounted products, making it easy for customers to notice and grab promoted products as they browse.

When full- or half-pallet display stands are placed near a point-of-purchase location, you can promote many items to garner a quick sale. Cardboard point-of-sale pallets are easy to assemble and move, making them a convenient way to increase your product visibility and promote sales. Our customizable options ensure that pallet store displays can accommodate a range of differently sized and shaped products. You can also tailor the look of each pallet to include messaging and logos to enhance your brand awareness. For example, if your brand colors are bright blue and light pink, you can use these colors in your display to encourage people to associate these colors with your company.

Benefits of Display Pallets

Because corrugated pallet displays are easy to move and assemble, they’re a fantastic and convenient way to increase product availability and boost sales. The customizable options from Creative Displays Now ensure that pallet displays can accommodate products of different sizes and shapes. You can also use different design elements — such as colors and logos — to make your display stand out and incorporate additional messaging. This may help your company increase brand awareness and make your products stick out in a consumer’s mind.

Pallet displays offer extra convenience for companies that sell products in retail stores. Products are shipped to retail locations with built-in marketing and advertising, which means you don’t have to plan for additional stands for your items. When they arrive at the retail store, the pallets are ready for display as soon as they are unloaded. Pallet displays are also more effective than other display options, as they help customers see your merchandise clearly and make it easy for them to grab items as they walk by.

You can customize your pallet however you want, making it great for seasonal promotions. For instance, if you sell chocolates during the Valentine’s Day season or themed candies during Halloween, you can easily design the pallet with imagery, colors and fonts that encourage shoppers to buy treats for the appropriate holiday.

This customization feature is also effective for everyday shopping. With display pallets, you can use bright colors or distinct branding elements to attract the attention of customers and inspire them to purchase your products. For example, if you are selling outdoor equipment, you might make your pallet display light blue with images of clouds printed on it.

Another advantage of pallet stands is that you can use them to promote many items, including:

  • Food and beverages
  • Toys and games
  • Candy
  • Electronics
  • Books or DVDs
  • Produce
  • Clothes
  • Pet supplies
  • School or arts and crafts supplies
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Full-, Half- and Quarter-Pallet Displays

You can choose between a full-, quarter- or half-pallet display for your products. Each of these options has advantages and works well in different scenarios. Learn more about the benefits of each type:

Full Pallet

A full-pallet display is a stand on a large pallet that holds items meant for sale in a big box store or warehouse club. Because of their larger size, these displays have bigger graphics and more room for a header, which works well for branding purposes. Full-pallet displays are simple to set up and work well for one or more products. Full pallets can come equipped with or without shelves.

These pallet displays are great for sales campaigns, new merchandise launches and seasonal promotions. If you want to catch customers’ attention in a big way, full-pallet displays may be the way to go.

Half Pallet

Half-pallet displays, which are smaller than full-pallet options, are cost-effective and easy-to-set-up options for products. These displays are customizable and can often be fitted with a second half-pallet option. As with full pallet displays, you can choose options with or without shelves.

These displays are excellent for showcasing heavier merchandise or items in large quantities. They work well in large and small grocery, department and club stores.

Quarter Pallet

Quarter-pallet displays are the smallest type. They work well for promoting one or more items, and you can group multiple displays together to showcase various products. Perhaps you are promoting several different makeup products — you might group three quarter-pallet displays together and display one product on each pallet.

These displays are also simple to transport and set up upon arrival, making them an excellent choice if your products change frequently or you run many promotions.

Quarter-pallet display types work well for grocery, box and department stores. Like the other pallet types, you can use elements like color and theme to fully customize these pallets to grab a shopper’s attention.

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Working With Creative Displays Now

Creative Displays Now offers many valuable advantages to our customers. With almost 60 years of experience creating pallet store displays, we’ve fine-tuned our processes to achieve maximum results for your business. Every stage, from pre-press and printing to assembly and shipping, happens under one roof for complete control. Our in-house production puts us a cut above the competition, as proven by our 99% on-time record.

Our team of more than 60 structural designers will work with you to create a unique pallet display design tailored to your needs. From custom sizing to branding, we can color and print your pallet display stands to your specifications. You can create your own look or receive help from our designers to bring your vision to life.

With 100% recyclable products made primarily from post-consumer waste, you can sustainably swap out your pallet displays regularly. Stay relevant with display pallets that reflect the seasons, promote new products or highlight your current deals without damaging your budget or the environment.

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With help from Creative Displays Now’s structural designers, you can begin creating your unique pallet display stand in no time. Putting full-, half- or quarter-pallet displays near aisle ends, store entrances and points of purchase ensures shoppers see your products and have a higher likelihood of impulse buying. Whether you want to showcase one item or group several related items together, you can achieve your selling goals with a pallet display.

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