9 of the Most Effective Types of Retail Displays

Most effective types of retail displays

Retail displays are among the best ways to organize and present your business’s products to shoppers in stores. These displays help brands differentiate themselves from the competition and share important messaging. However, some displays are more effective in driving sales and inspiring customer loyalty than others.

Let’s explore the most effective types of retail displays and their key benefits for brands looking to elevate their in-person sales and uplift their business.

1. Floor Displays

Floor displays are a type of freestanding display brands can use to market their products using creative designs and structures.

This display style is highly effective because it commands attention. Floor displays and floor sign displays are an unmissable size. With the right design and graphics, you can allure curious customers and gain valuable brand exposure.

Floor displays are often capable of holding larger quantities of merchandise. Brands cause different freestanding display styles to showcase their products, including the following:

  • End cap displays
  • Pallet displays
  • Case stacker displays
  • Dump bin displays

Custom floor displays provide businesses with a great opportunity to educate customers about their products and brand through engaging graphic design, thanks to their large size.

2. End Cap Displays

An end cap display, also known as an end aisle display, is another effective type of retail display.

As the name suggests, end caps are typically set up at the end of a store aisle where there is heavy foot traffic. Their busy locations make them highly beneficial for driving sales.

Brands can utilize end caps to promote featured products, such as:

  • New merchandise
  • Bestsellers
  • Sale items

End aisle displays meet shoppers at eye level, making it easier to capture their attention and attract them to your products. Businesses can use different end cap styles to showcase merchandise, including:

  • Floor displays
  • Half pallet displays
  • Shelf displays

3. Temporary Displays

Temporary retail displays are another highly effective option. They allow brands to test new merchandise and share promotions for a few months at a time.

These displays are useful if your business has seasonal offers or wants to roll out new advertising campaigns during the year. You can generate a sense of urgency and inspire shoppers to buy your products now.

Temporary displays give businesses an opportunity to present themselves in a fresh and engaging way every few months. An additional benefit of these displays is being able to pivot if a marketing campaign or display design isn’t effective.

4. Custom-Printed Displays

Custom-printed retail displays are among the most effective types of displays for driving sales.

Custom designs and structures allow brands to differentiate themselves from the competition and stand out in crowded retail spaces. They’re more effective than stock displays and allow your business to use bold designs to capture shoppers’ attention.

Benefits of custom-printed displays

No matter what style of point-of-purchase display your brand uses, having custom printing will elevate your retail presentation and inspire more sales. Businesses can benefit from including the following elements in their custom-printed display design:

  • Brand logo and colors
  • Product features and benefits
  • Instructions and educational materials

5. Corrugated Cardboard Displays

Corrugated cardboard displays are another effective option for retail displays. Consumers are more concerned with sustainability than ever before. Using eco-friendly materials for your business’s displays can inspire brand loyalty and positively impact sales.

Corrugated cardboard displays offer great structural integrity while still being lightweight. They’re environmentally friendly and entirely recyclable, helping your brand minimize waste and reduce its carbon footprint.

This type of display is also cost-effective, and brands can get creative with the graphics and structural design to entice and educate customers.

6. Sidekick Displays

A sidekick display, also called a power wing, is one of the most effective types of retail displays. They typically hang from a store aisle or the side of an end cap.

Businesses can use sidekick displays to enhance brand awareness, thanks to their position in highly-trafficked areas. Their design pops out to the consumer when looking down each store aisle, making them an attention-grabbing advertising tool.

Brands can use power wing displays to test new items and create an interactive shopping experience. They can use custom designs to educate customers about the merchandise and business.

7. Gravity Feed Displays

Gravity feed displays are an effective way to enhance visual merchandising for your products. They allow your brand to present its products in a functional and visually pleasing way.

This type of retail display features sloped shelves. When a shopper removes one product, the next falls into its place. The display always looks well-stocked and attractive to customers.

In-store presentation is important, especially for brands with a lot of competition. Keeping products at the front of the display allows shoppers to effortlessly grab items and toss them into their shopping cart or basket.

8. Inline Displays

Inline displays are a type of shelf display that can help brands optimize shelf space. They typically feature a structure for organizing products in rows or stacks.

If your business wants to drive impulse purchases of smaller items, this type of retail display is very effective. Inline displays make it easy to organize the merchandise attractively for customers. They’re a great option for promoting seasonal products.

Businesses can use custom colors and designs to create bold inline displays that stand out on the shelf and draw attention to the brand.

9. Retail Counter Displays

Last but not least, retail counter displays are another highly effective type of retail display that businesses can use to their advantage. One of the key reasons why this type of display is so powerful in driving sales is that every paying customer will see it at checkout. Having your products showcased on the counter will encourage last-minute impulse buys.

Brands can also boost awareness with retail counter displays. As shoppers wait in line to pay for their items, they’ll see the display. Using exciting graphics and colors can draw their eyes to your merchandise and ultimately increase your sales potential.

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